Welcome. This is the primary account of kennel "Companions", breeder of Champion Pugs and Bull Terriers.

Secondary breeding/overflow account is "Companions II"

Champions/Grand Champions Bred:
Companions Heidi
Companions Babe
Companions Skyla
Companions Spud
Companions Lambchop
Companions Augustus
Companions Kiki
Companions Peppermint
Companions Midas
Companions Prudence
Companions Gummie Bear
Companions Amigo
Companions Scud
Companions Snooper
Companions Cadillac
Companions Gypsy
Companions Powerful Indigo (Silver Dam)

Companions Tess
Companions Wild Thing
Companions Gazelle
Companions Portia
Companions Sinatra
Companions Apollo
Companions Curry
Companions Roxy
Companions Jemima
Companions Cosmo
Companions Huntress
Companions Phantom
Companions Rupert
Companions Ripley
Companions Ringo
Companions Remington
Companions Mayhem
Companions Razzamatazz
Companions Niko
Companions Atom

General Info
Prestige: 91.3 (#39)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/27/2017
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/19/2018
Community Rank: 491st
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Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Companions Huntress
Due 11/24/2018 to Companions Apollo
GCH CH Companions Powerful Indigo
Due 11/24/2018 to Companions Hoover