Dark Secret Kennels

CH Kleenex Milennial (99.15/20 S) Border Collie
DarkSecret Cheery Reply (99.10/20) Border Collie
DarkSecret Cool Morning Border Collie
DarkSecret Fantastic Journey (99.10/20) Border Collie
DarkSecret Sweet November (99.05/20) Border Collie
DarkSecret Dreaming in Phoenix (99.30/20 S) Borzoi
DarkSecret Gentle Smile (99.30/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Light On The Hills (99.30/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Sunset Key (99.50/20 S) Borzoi
DarkSecret Vanishing Act (99.40/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Velvet Pearl (99.30/20 S) Borzoi
DarkSecret Final Word (97.70/20) Pomeranian
Kleenex Red Samurai (97.80/20) Pomeranian

DarkSecret Creating a Ruckus (99.25/20) Border Collie
Kleenex Blue Venture (99.10/20 S) Border Collie
Kleenex Deandrew (99.15/20) Border Collie
DarkSecret Game of the Day (99.30/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Octopus Garden (99.30/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Sound of Goodbye (99.30/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret TheBreaksOver (99.45/20) Borzoi
DarkSecret Artful Dodger (97.85/20 S) Pomeranian
DarkSecret Dark Water (97.75/20) Pomeranian
DarkSecret False Memory (97.75/20) Pomeranian
DarkSecret Headline News (97.75/20) Pomeranian
New Puppy #2 (97.80/20) Pomeranian

By Ch True Justice Game On out of Ch Kleenex Milennial.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (99.20/20) (Bitch) Border Collie
By Jidokey Ziggy out of DarkSecret Final Word.
(6 days)
DarkSecret Climbing Everest (97.70/20) (Dog) Pomeranian
New Puppy #1 (97.85/20) (Dog) Pomeranian
By DarkSecret Moose Tracks out of DarkSecret Fantastic Journey.
(6 days)
DarkSecret Whispering Stone (99.10/20 +) (Bitch) Border Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH BarStar Like It Like That Border Collie
CH BarStar Return of the Jedi Border Collie
GCH CH DarkSecret Dance To The Beat Border Collie
CH DarkSecret End Of The Rainbow Border Collie
CH DarkSecret Land of Shadows Border Collie
CH DarkSecret Lost Moments Border Collie
GCH CH DarkSecret Mistaken Identity Border Collie
GCH CH DarkSecret Prince of Venice Border Collie
CH DragonFyre Hot as Fire Border Collie
CH DragonFyre Keep It Classy Border Collie
GCH CH DragonFyre Right or Wrong Border Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Endera Border Collie
CH DarkSecret Twisted Judgement Borzoi
CH ESAN Oleg Borzoi
CH Hazygate Butter Up Pomeranian
CH Hazygate Honora Pomeranian
CH Hazygate Press On Pomeranian
CH Kohl Garden Of Night Roses Pomeranian
CH Kohl SeaSalt Caramel at Narnia Pomeranian
CH Kohl Warning Of The Sun Pomeranian
CH Narnias Novella Pomeranian
DarkSecret Cloud Blossom Border Collie
DarkSecret Crystal Vase Border Collie
DarkSecret Dancing For Joy Border Collie
DarkSecret Dont Look Now Border Collie
DarkSecret Fancy That Border Collie
DarkSecret Fashion Show Border Collie
DarkSecret Fox Mountain Border Collie
DarkSecret House of Thunder Border Collie
DarkSecret Keep The Peace Border Collie
DarkSecret Keeper of the Stars Border Collie
DarkSecret Living It Large Border Collie
DarkSecret Long Way Down Border Collie
DarkSecret Oh Happy Day Border Collie
DarkSecret Sea of Monsters Border Collie
DarkSecret Show No Fear Border Collie
DarkSecret Song Of Mystery Border Collie
DarkSecret Twist of Silk Border Collie
DarkSecret Ultimate Solution Border Collie
DarkSecret Whispered Secret Border Collie
DragonFyre Gone Girl Border Collie
DragonFyre Pawsitive Border Collie
Kleenex Make Me Smile Border Collie
DarkSecret Autumn Enchantment Borzoi
DarkSecret Broadway Lights Borzoi
DarkSecret Mountain Lookout Borzoi
Kleenex Oatmeal Borzoi
Kleenex Pretansia Borzoi
Kohl His Heart Is Mine Borzoi
DarkSecret One More Welcome Pomeranian
DarkSecret Turn On The Radio Pomeranian
DarkSecret Ultimate Jem Pomeranian
Hazygate Darkside Pomeranian
Hazygate My Posse Pomeranian
Hazygate Under The Bridge Pomeranian
Hazygate What Pressure Pomeranian
Kleenex Prevasol Pomeranian
Kohl On A Blind Date Pomeranian
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Prestige: 63.4 (#261)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/1/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/19/2017
Community Rank: 397th
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Upcomming Litters
DarkSecret Cool Morning
Due 11/20/2017 to Kleenex Deandrew
DarkSecret Gentle Smile
Due 11/23/2017 to Halcyon Chequers