CH Deliverance From Anger Sealyham Terrier
CH Deliverance From Justification Sealyham Terrier
CH Deliverance If I Stand Sealyham Terrier
CH Deliverance Bone Bowling Tibetan Spaniel
GCH CH Deliverance Free To Sing Tibetan Spaniel
CH Deliverance From Addiction Tibetan Spaniel
CH Deliverance In The Zone Tibetan Spaniel
GCH CH Deliverance Tinsel Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Ceremonial Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Confidential Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance from Harvey Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance from Ignorance Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Glory Be Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Solid Gold Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Watch Me Rise Tibetan Spaniel

CH Deliverance 4 On The Floor Sealyham Terrier
GCH CH Deliverance at OMC Sealyham Terrier
GCH CH Deliverance From Gossip Sealyham Terrier
GCH CH Amazing Angels All Star (94.00) Tibetan Spaniel
CH Amazing Angels Zone (93.90 s2s) Tibetan Spaniel
CH Deliverance Amazing Tibetan Spaniel
CH Deliverance Charmed Im Sure Tibetan Spaniel
CH Deliverance Silver Lining Tibetan Spaniel
GCH CH Plus Sterling Standard (show) Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Trending Sealyham Terrier
Deliverance From Clouds Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance From Irma Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Hot Blooded Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance Not Forgotten Tibetan Spaniel
Deliverance The Shining Tibetan Spaniel

By Ch Kilhey Canny Samosir out of Ch Kilhey Clay Alice.
(5 days)
Deliverance from Gratitude (Bitch) Sealyham Terrier
By Ch Kilhey Canny Kalimantan out of Kilhey Cobalt Hint.
(11 days)
Deliverance from Summer (Dog) Sealyham Terrier

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CH Deliverance From Addiction
Due 9/25/2017 to Deliverance Charmed Im Sure
CH Deliverance In The Zone
Due 9/25/2017 to Plus Outlaw
CH Deliverance From Anger
Due 9/25/2017 to Kilhey Canny Kalimantan
Deliverance Glory Be
Due 9/25/2017 to Deliverance The Shining
Deliverance Solid Gold
Due 9/25/2017 to Mensa The Big Cheese!