Dexters Boxers

CH Dexters Broken Promises (7gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Dream Boat (9gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Memory of a Dream (24gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Moving Forward (7gps/brd fh) Boxer
CH Dexters Pina Colada (1gps/fh wlp) Boxer
CH Dexters Shake Up Boxer
CH Dexters Shirley Temple (4gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Sugar Coated Boxer
CH Dexters The Cutting Edge (8gps) Boxer
Dexters Financial Security (1) Boxer
Dexters Golden Opportunity (9) Boxer
Dexters Green Appletini Boxer
Dexters Midnight Treasure (Noshw ) Boxer
Dexters Money Maker (11) Boxer
Dexters One For The Road Boxer
Dexters Pink Cosmopolitan Boxer
Dexters Show and Tell (13) Boxer
Dexters Treasure Island (Noshw ) Boxer
Dexters Tropicana With a Twist Boxer

CH Dexters Double Shake Boxer
CH Dexters Fire and Ice (4gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Heat Wave Boxer
CH Dexters Hop To It Boxer
Dexters Cake Walk Boxer
Dexters Enemies Shake Down Boxer
Dexters Hurricane Force (8/fh 10/10?) Boxer
Dexters One and Only (7) Boxer
Dexters Starry Night (3) Boxer
Dexters Sting Ray (13) Boxer
Dexters Sweet Jazz Line Boxer
Dexters Top Heavy (Noshw ) Boxer

By Ch Timber Creek Big Business out of Dexters Generation.
(5 days)
Dexters Fashionable Regrets (Sess) (Bitch) Boxer
Dexters Heart Walk (Bitch) Boxer
Dexters Big Dream Generation (Noshw ) (Dog) Boxer
By Ch Summerwind Perfectly Iced out of Ch Dexters Broken Promises.
(10 days)
Dexters Perfect Promises. (Bitch) Boxer
Dexters Perfectly Broken (Dog) Boxer
Dexters Steele Queen (Noshw ) (Bitch) Boxer

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Dexters Black Line (41gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Finish Line (52gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Guaranteed Innocent (50gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters No Second Chances (58gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters SuperStar (30gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Top Ten Quality (34gps) Boxer
General Info
Prestige: 71.7 (#194)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/24/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/23/2017
Community Rank: 468th
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CH Dexters Moving Forward
Due 10/25/2017 to Dexters Top Heavy
CH Dexters Broken Promises
Due 10/25/2017 to HSs Upbeat
CH Dexters Sugar Coated
Due 10/25/2017 to Dexters Top Heavy
Dexters Show and Tell
Due 10/25/2017 to Timber Creek Big Business
CH Dexters Pina Colada
Due 10/27/2017 to Dexters Top Heavy