Dexters Boxers

CH Dexters All In (12gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Dream Obsession (Fh 3/11) Boxer
CH Dexters Hidden Generation Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Time Traveler (57gps) Boxer
Dexter White Dream Boxer
Dexters Dream Light (8) Boxer
Dexters Fall Back (3/Coat 10.2) Boxer
Dexters Fallback Warning Boxer
Dexters Flashpoint (6) Boxer
Dexters Legendary Obsession (Brd?) Boxer
Dexters Light it Up Boxer
Dexters Money Wave (Coat 10.2) Boxer
Dexters Moon Treasure Boxer
Dexters Nightline (4) Boxer
Dexters Problem Solver (1) Boxer
Dexters Quad Shot Boxer
Dexters Sizable Show (Brd override) Boxer
Dexters Super Sly (Noshw coat 10.2) Boxer
Dexters White Light (4) Boxer

CH Dexters Ice Blue (coat10.2) Boxer
CH Dexters Magic Merlin (9gps) Boxer
CH Dexters Photo Finish (Sz 10.2) Boxer
CH Dexters Promise Keeper Boxer
CH Dexters Wonder Shake Boxer
GCH CH Kohl Faded In. Faded Out (68gps) Boxer
Dexters Double Trouble Boxer
Dexters Golden Wonder (6) Boxer
Dexters Midnight Wonder (1) Boxer
Dexters Some Kind of Wonderful (12/fh?) Boxer
Dexters Up Up and Away (4) Boxer
Kohl Guardians Of The Galaxy Boxer

By Ch Kohl Override The System out of Dexters Money Wave.
(7 days)
Dexters Lightning Strikes (Bitch) Boxer
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Boxer
By Ch Kohl Override The System out of Ch Dexters Dream Boat.
(7 days)
Dexters Signature Override (Dog) Boxer

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Dexters Black Line (41gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Dream Boat (32gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Finish Line (52gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Memory of a Dream (83gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters No Second Chances (58gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Sting Ray (38gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters SuperStar (30gps) Boxer
GCH CH Dexters Top Ten Quality (34gps) Boxer
General Info
Prestige: 77.6 (#143)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/24/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/20/2018
Community Rank: 474th
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Upcomming Litters
Dexters Legendary Obsession
Due 2/20/2018 to Kohl Faded In. Faded Out
CH Dexters Dream Obsession
Due 2/23/2018 to Dexters Photo Finish
CH Dexters All In
Due 2/24/2018 to Summerwind Dark Obsession