Congratulations to the Panache Shih Tzus who have attained their championships:

Ch. My Girl Lollipop
Ch. Panache Spellbound
Ch. Panache Bon Appetit
Ch. Panache Candy Shot
Ch. Panache Apple Jacks
Ch. Panache Chicken Little
Ch. Panache Stickyfingers
Ch. Panache Moon Pie
Ch. Panache Glamour Grrrl
Ch. Panache Perfect Shot
Ch. Panache No Doubt
Ch. Promises Tell Me Why
Ch. Panache Doubtful
Ch. Panache Deception
Ch. Panache Doubtful Blues
Ch. Panache True Blue
Ch. Panache Perfect Blessing
Ch. Panache Full of Noise
Ch. Panache Double Trouble
Ch. Panache Cloudy Days
Ch. Panache Big Bang
Ch. Panache Full of Clouds
Ch. Panache Full of Fire
Ch. Panache Little Treasuer
Ch. Panache Line of Fire
Ch. Panache Clouds of Gold
Ch. Panache Button Down Bandit
Ch. Panache Baby Jane
Ch. Panache Han Solo
Ch. Panache Royal Promise
Ch. Promises Terra Cotta (bred by Panache)
Ch. Love's Promise (bred by Panache
Ch. Panache Copper Sovereign
Ch. Panache Playboy

DoggyPanache: Classic Shih Tzus (with a little modeling thrown into the mix).

GCH CH Guisachan Dream Girl (99.50/2-1-1 *) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Guisachan Town Crier (99.50 *) Golden Retriever
CH Hyggelig Being There (cc x at ) Great Dane
CH Hyggelig Call Me Perfect (100.00 ) Great Dane
CH Hyggelig Dreams Come True (dt x b) Great Dane
CH Hyggelig Stone Pony (dt x pp *) Great Dane
Guisachan Skip A Beat (99.50/2-2 no sess) Golden Retriever
Hyggelig Dreams of Venus (do x vf * ) Great Dane
Hyggelig Hey Micki (mm x bme * ) Great Dane
Hyggelig The Deep End (eg x bme) Great Dane
Tumblin Apple Butter (-96.60) Irish Water Spaniel
Tumblin Apple Dumpling (96.50 *) Irish Water Spaniel
Panache Bad Reputation (93.30 no sessions) Shih Tzu
Panache Last Link (93.05) Shih Tzu
Panache Revival (*) Shih Tzu
Panache Rock`n`Roll Girl (-93.35) Shih Tzu

GCH CH Guisachan Addicted Heart (99.50/4) Golden Retriever
CH Kleenex Squirrel (99.55 ) Golden Retriever
CH Hyggelig Black Hole (da x ms *) Great Dane
Guisachan Head Trip (99.40 head 10.2) Golden Retriever
BarbieDreams Of Horizon (100.00 show *) Great Dane
Hyggelig Finally There (cc x at ) Great Dane
Hyggelig Killer White (-99.95 dt x pp) Great Dane
Hyggelig What the Dickens (*) Great Dane
New Puppy #3 (-96.65) Irish Water Spaniel
Panache Bad Boy (93.40) Shih Tzu
Panache Young Rascal (93.45) Shih Tzu

By BarbieDreams Of Horizon out of Ch Hyggelig Call Me Perfect.
(8 days)
New Puppy #8 (Bitch) Great Dane
New Puppy #7 (Bitch) Great Dane
By BarbieDreams Of Horizon out of Ch Hyggelig Dreams Come True.
(8 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Great Dane

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Guisachan Show Me the Island (99.35/5) Golden Retriever
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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Guisachan Town Crier
Due 1/16/2018 to Kleenex Squirrel
Guisachan Skip A Beat
Due 1/16/2018 to Kleenex Squirrel