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BRONZE SIRE GCH CH CD WR Sometimes What May Be
Tick has now gone to the Bridge 4/9/2014- 3/16/2015

A HUGE Thank you to WR for trusting me with TICK
also to Windgate,Overland and Amalyn Kennels for using my boy and showing his kids to earn this title.

Champion Bloodhound and Tibetan Mastiff Breeding stock available
Puppies on the way!!

CH Dreams Call Me Maybe (96.25/20 done- breed) Bloodhound
GCH CH Dreams Top News Story (96.45 ) Bloodhound
Dreams Love Story (96.35 brood) Bloodhound
Dreams News Prompt (96.8020 Session) Bloodhound
Dreams Traffic Update (96.45/20 session?) Bloodhound
Dreams Tranquil Country Road (96.50 Session) Bloodhound
Dreams Black Filly Tibetan Mastiff
Dreams Dew Drop (93.75/20 brood?) Tibetan Mastiff

GCH CH Dreams Spoken Word (96.45/20 S/S) Bloodhound
CH Dreams Golden Roar (93.80/20 ) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams Trojan Horse (94.60/20 Stud) Tibetan Mastiff
Dreams Road Trip Moments (96.60/20 session) Bloodhound

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH Dreams Above n Beyond (96.15 23GCh points) Bloodhound
GCH CH Dreams Beyond Greatness (96.30/20 ) Bloodhound
GCH CH Dreams Breaker 1-9 (96.55/20 retire) Bloodhound
CH Dreams Fashion Plate (96.00/20 DONE ) Bloodhound
CH Dreams Fashionable News (96.25/20 ao-breed) Bloodhound
CH Dreams News Flare Up (96.35/20) Bloodhound
CH Dreams News Topic (96.50 AO Breed) Bloodhound
CH Dreams News Update (96.25/20 ) Bloodhound
CH Dreams Red Poppy (96.10/20 Done ) Bloodhound
GCH CH Dreams Always Golden (93,65/20) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams April Blessing (93.90/20 ) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams Black Sheep Tibetan Mastiff
GCH CH Dreams Gold Bond (93.80!!!!) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams Lamb of God (93.60/20 Done) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams Roar of a Summer Crowd (93.45/20 ) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams Sheep in Wolfs Clothing (93.70/20) Tibetan Mastiff
CH Dreams What a Left Hook (93.35/20 ) Tibetan Mastiff
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