Dreisaiah Hundehutte

Breeder of the black Great Dane, IBIS GCH D* First Commandment, May 2012 International Champion, born Leap Year 2012. Sire of 17 champion offspring, 36 who have entered the show ring, making him a Bronze Sire. He has won Best in 18 large shows, 32 Best in Groups, 63 Best of Breeds, earned almost $10k, and beaten over 37k dogs. He lives on in most current pedigrees. www.showdog.com/dog.aspx?id=11227262

Dams/Sires of 5 or more Champions
GCH D* Edge of Eternity (dam of 2 bronze sires), GCh D* Olam Va'ed (11), GCH .DH* Crunk Juice (13),
CH .DH* Tall Black Russian, GCH D* Eden's Edge (11), .D* Aimpoint (8), Ch Dreisaiah La Dolce Vita (7),
GCH D* First Commandment (17), Ch D* Fast and Furious (11), GCH .DH* Shear Madness (5),
GCH .DH* Cactus Jack (8), GCH .DH* Tall Black Russian (10), GCH D* Nikolaos (9), GCH D* Imperium (5)

Best in Shows
GCH D* Imperium x2 - One of the first Great Danes to be a BIS Winner
GCH D* Edge of Eternity x6, GCH D* Edge of Reason x1, GCH D* Dawn of Eden x3,
GCH D* Olam Va'ed x9, GCH D* Eden's Edge x2, GCH D* Nikolaos x3,
GCH D* First Commandment x18, GCH .D* Full Throttle x3

. . . . .

CH DREI Notre Dame (90.3) Norwich Terrier
Superpit City of Secrets (92.4) Australian Cattle Dog
Superpit Fructo (91.6+0.65) Australian Cattle Dog
Superpit Game Over (92.2) Australian Cattle Dog
Giulia Custode della Notte (92.7) Cane Corso
DREI Acidberry (89.95+.3) Norwich Terrier
DREI Black Salt (90.25) Norwich Terrier
DREI Blitz (90.85) Norwich Terrier
DREI Golden Age (90.05) Norwich Terrier
DREI Goldenwood (90.85) Norwich Terrier
DREI Lemondrop (90.45) Norwich Terrier
DREI Louvre (90.5) Norwich Terrier
DREI Painterly (90.5) Norwich Terrier
DREI Reveal (90) Norwich Terrier
DREI Utopia (90.3) Norwich Terrier

GCH CH DREI Booyah (90.95 BISS) Norwich Terrier
DREI Caminho (90.3) Norwich Terrier
DREI Castello (90) Norwich Terrier
DREI Charmed (90.55+.1) Norwich Terrier
DREI Merman (90.35) Norwich Terrier
DREI Mulligan (90.2) Norwich Terrier

By HR Horse Theif out of Superpit Fructo.
(0 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Australian Cattle Dog
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Australian Cattle Dog
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Australian Cattle Dog
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Australian Cattle Dog
By Ch DREI Booyah out of Ch DREI Notre Dame.
(4 days)
New Puppy #4 (90.2+.45) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
By Dragons Ground Ice of the Sun out of Ch Cloudpointe Dark Truth.
(5 days)
Cats Anielka z Przymrozki (89.65+.5) (Bitch) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
By Ch DREI Booyah out of DREI Louvre.
(9 days)
DREI Cupcake (90.55) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
By Ch DREI Booyah out of DREI Black Salt.
(9 days)
DREI Duchess (90.85) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
By Ch DREI Booyah out of DREI Tea Time.
(9 days)
DREI Latté (90.2) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
By Ch DREI Booyah out of DREI Golden Age.
(9 days)
DREI Knightlife (90.5) (Dog) Norwich Terrier
By Ch Taranis Soul Of The Shrimp out of Taranis Shrimp In A Dress.
(10 days)
Taranis Serratus das Paixões (87.8) (Bitch) Portuguese Pointer
By Ch Sardonyx Shoshone out of DREI Rubenesque.
(12 days)
DREI Enchanted (90.15+.25) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Superpit Gamebred Australian Cattle Dog
CH Superpit Whistling Gypsy Australian Cattle Dog
GCH CH Maximiliano della Fortezza Cane Corso
GCH CH .DH* Wild Wild West Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH .DH* Wildfire Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH .D* Mighty Fortress Great Dane
General Info
Prestige: 43.1 (#321)
Location: Canada
Signed Up: 4/9/2009
Account Level: Standard
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Community Rank: 35th
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