Dreisaiah Hundehutte

Favorites of Past

International BIS Silver GCH D* First Commandment
Bronze Sire | BOBx63 | Gr1x32 | BISx18

Silver GCH D* Olam Va'ed, #84 Great Dane All-Time
Bronze Sire | BOBx43 | Gr1x17 | BISx9

Bronze GCH .DH* Crunk Juice, Doberman Pinscher
Bronze Sire | BOBx23

CH Agassiz & Ambrogino
Bronze Sire - Cani Corso
Achieved March and February 2017

None at this time.

None at this time.

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH Agassiz Alta Fortezza (Merit 12x) Cane Corso
8w Cane Corso
Ambrogino Alta Fortezza (Merit) Cane Corso
Ashanti Manabii Tatu (<3) Rhodesian Ridgeback
General Info
Prestige: 20.0 (#1,171)
Location: Canada
Signed Up: 4/9/2009
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 5/28/2017
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