Dreisaiah Hundehutte

Slowly turning to different breeds...

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GCH CH Kazimira von der Warhead (Grp2) Beauceron
CH DREI Goldenwood (90.85) Norwich Terrier
CH DREI Insomnia (91.1) Norwich Terrier
Warhead’s Mid Day Madness (94.6) Bloodhound
Nicoletta Custode della Notte (92.55+.5) Cane Corso
Cats Anielka z Przymrozki (89.65+.5) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
DREI Antique (90.9) Norwich Terrier
DREI Blitz (90.85) Norwich Terrier
DREI Castleton (90.85) Norwich Terrier
DREI Duchess (90.85) Norwich Terrier
DREI Knockout (90.65 CC) Norwich Terrier
DREI Lumièra (90.7 CC) Norwich Terrier
New Puppy #4 (90.8) Norwich Terrier
Juju das Paixões (88.5) Portuguese Pointer
Taranis Serratus das Paixões (87.8) Portuguese Pointer
New Puppy #2 Scottish Deerhound
New Puppy #5 Scottish Deerhound

GCH CH DREI Booyah (90.95 BISS) Norwich Terrier
Nikaro Custode della Notte (92.8) Cane Corso
DREI Cerulean (90.6) Norwich Terrier
DREI Rambutan (90.75+.15) Norwich Terrier
DREI Rigoletto (91.1) Norwich Terrier

By . Honor. The Magic Man out of . Honor. Kickstart To Infinite.
(1 days)
New Puppy #4 (91.35) (Bitch) Scottish Deerhound
By Ch Model A Navar out of DREI Duchess.
(5 days)
New Puppy #5 (91.15) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
New Puppy #3 (91.05) (Bitch) Norwich Terrier
By Ch . Disclose. I Am Legend out of Taranis Serratus das Paixões.
(6 days)
Sofi das Paixões (88.45) (Bitch) Portuguese Pointer
By Ch DREI Booyah out of DREI Painterly.
(9 days)
DREI Malerisch (91) (Dog) Norwich Terrier
By Ch Hunter Of Shandton2 out of Warhead’s Mid Day Madness.
(9 days)
New Puppy #7 (94.5) (Bitch) Bloodhound
By Ch Cloudpointe Fields of Truth out of Cats Anielka z Przymrozki.
(13 days)
Zagon z Przymrozki (90.2) (Dog) Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Superpit Gamebred Australian Cattle Dog
CH Superpit Whistling Gypsy Australian Cattle Dog
GCH CH .DH* Wild Wild West Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH .DH* Wildfire Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH .D* Mighty Fortress Great Dane
General Info
Prestige: 44.1 (#307)
Location: Canada
Signed Up: 4/9/2009
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/30/2014
Community Rank: 29th
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