Dutch Creek Kennels

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Welcome to Dutch Creek Kennels, proud breeder of Kooikerhondje

Dutch Creek Kennels was established in Feb 2015. I am a returning Showdog player, previously having played in Kooikerhondje a few years back under the kennel name Ravenstein.

Since this is a rare breed I try to keep stud fees easily affordable.
Non-Champions and Champions: $25
Grand Champions: $50

Occasionally I will have puppies for sale for $100, no approval. If a puppy is unnamed, please feel free to name them however you wish.

I am always happy to help out new players to the breed, so if you are interested in giving Kooikers a try, please feel free to message me and I can see how I can help happy :)

DutchCk Echo (78.60) Kooikerhondje
DutchCk Gidget (70.30) Kooikerhondje
DutchCk Ginger (73.30) Kooikerhondje
DutchCk Green Tea (92.95) Kooikerhondje
DutchCk Izabell (73.60) Kooikerhondje
Poppins Perfect Ride (92.45) Kooikerhondje

DutchCk Einstein (74.75) Kooikerhondje

None at this time.

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None at this time.
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