Edge of Eternity

Favorite Dogs of Past

GCH Chief V Rand der Ewigkeit, BISx1
GCH Jophiel V Rand der Ewigkeit, BISx1
GCH Iskandar V Rand der Ewigkeit, Group1 x3
CH Anatola V Rand der Ewigkeit, 92.95x93.6=94
GCH Azar V Rand der Ewigkeit, 94.1x93.55=94.4
CH Asher de La Heladas, BOBx10
GCH Alvaro de La Heladas, BOBx17
GCH Artemas de La Heladas
CH .EE* Breakaway (Tibetan Mastiff)

. . . .

GSD + Dogo Argentino continued at Phantom Prophet

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Retirement Couch
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