Equity Danes

Equity Danes returns 12/14/2016!!!

Equity Danes is not only a kennel playing on this game, but also a real AKC exhibitor of Harlequin Great Danes. happy :)

Equity is striving to breed the BEST Harlequin Great Danes possible.

Stud Information

To help promote Harls, I will not have their stud fees high.

Purchase Information

I ask what I feel are reasonable prices for my Bloodlines. I base the price also on the genetic quality of the dog, its breeding quality, its show quality, and how well it has done in the ring if it was shown.


To view links to my other kennels, please visit BRK's kennel page.


Can. Ch. Royale's Clownish Charisma, owned by Equity Danes and handled by Lynn Knapp.


Photos have their source on the bottom. Clipart graphics are used/altered with permission by www.aheadgraphics.com and I am the one who colors them/adds detail to them. DO NOT STEAL/USE THESE CLIPART IMAGES without permission from aheadgraphics.com!

Great Dane photos are of my own show dogs. They are NOT for personal use and are copy righted in my name.


CH Equity`s Dreamland (Bitch. 2nd shows) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Elemental Fury (Gch. Bitch. 2nd show) Great Dane
GCH CH Equity`s High Speed Chase (Chase) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Homecoming Queen (Bitch.1st shows) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Lies N Slander (GcH. Bitch. 1st shws) Great Dane
GCH CH Equity`s Miss Demeanor V CM (Missie OBD) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Sleepy Jean (99.70/20**3rd shows) Great Dane
GCH CH Gambits Blanket Monster (Blankie 99.35/20) Great Dane
Equity Something AboutA Dragon (99.60/20 trn) Great Dane
Equity`s Akamaru (99.75/20 trn) Great Dane
Equity`s Ink Blotch (*brood) Great Dane
Equity`s Paint By Numbers (shw) Great Dane
Equity`s Snuggle Monster (Snuggie 99.40/19.7 b) Great Dane
New Puppy #2 (Change food 4/17) Great Dane
New Puppy #3 Great Dane

GCH CH Equity`s Back in Action V SUD (Rebound obd trn) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Daydream Deceiver (Dog. 1st shows) Great Dane
GCH CH Equity`s Hot Topic (Sizzle 99.70/20) Great Dane
CH Equity`s Sound of Silence (Dog. 2nd shws) Great Dane
Equity`s Bullet With A Name (99.75/20) Great Dane
Equity`s Conviction (99.70/20) Great Dane
Equity`s Dark Canvas (stud) Great Dane
Equity`s Element of Surprise Great Dane
Equity`s Elemental Disturbance (99.70/19.8 trn) Great Dane
Equity`s Full Metal Jacket (99.70/20) Great Dane
Equity`s Painted Blanket (99.25/19.4 stud) Great Dane
Equity`s Thunder N Lightning Great Dane
New Puppy #3 (Stud. 16ss) Great Dane

By Ch SU Twist and Shout out of Ch Equity`s High Speed Chase.
(12 days)
Equity`s Grand Theft Auto (99.70) (Dog) Great Dane
Equity`s Mustang Sally (99.75) (Bitch) Great Dane
Equity`s Chevelle (99.70) (Bitch) Great Dane
By Ch Equity`s Back in Action V SUD out of Equity`s Ink Blotch.
(13 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Great Dane
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Great Dane

Retirement Couch
GCH CH UDKiSt Don The Mantle (Donny) Great Dane
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