Equity Danes

Equity Danes/Black Raven Kennels (Dobes) returns 12/14/2016!!!

Equity Danes is not only a kennel playing on this game, but also a real AKC exhibitor of Harlequin Great Danes. happy :)

Equity is striving to breed the BEST Harlequin Great Danes possible.

Stud Information
If you see a dog that is of age but not available, please email me as I may not have checked stud status.


Black Raven Kennels~Doberman Pinschers


Can. Ch. Royale's Clownish Charisma, owned by Equity Danes and handled by Lynn Knapp. Deceased.


Photos have their source on the bottom. Clipart graphics are used/altered with permission by www.aheadgraphics.com and I am the one who colors them/adds detail to them. DO NOT STEAL/USE THESE CLIPART IMAGES without permission from aheadgraphics.com!

Great Dane photos are of my own show dogs. They are NOT for personal use and are copy righted in my name.


GCH CH Equity*s Condolences (100 2nd gen) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Dressed To Kill (notes) Great Dane
CH Equity*s New Years Baby (100 1st gen.) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Partly Cloudy Great Dane
GCH CH Equity*s Sorry Not Sorry (notes*****) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Winning Colors (100) Great Dane
Equity PB BLHRNo.16330992 Great Dane
Equity*s HarlNo.16104406 Great Dane
Equity*s MantleNo.16127903 Great Dane
Equity*s Merle No.16136330 ( X blue) Great Dane
Equity*s PB Blue Dilute Merle Great Dane
Equity*s PB Blue Fawn Harl (20 ss) Great Dane
Equity*s PB No.16262582 (?) Great Dane
Equity*s Suffocation (ENT) Great Dane
Equity*s White No.16241289 (x blue) Great Dane
Equity*s Ying Yang Great Dane
New Puppy #3 (*) Great Dane

CH Equity*s 1,000 Pictures (2nd) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Connect the Dots (2nd) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Evening Dreams (99.95 3rd****) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Night Rider (100 1st gen) Great Dane
CH Equity*s Picture Perfect (100 1st gen. 3rd) Great Dane
GCH CH Equity*s What The Night Brings (100 1st gen. 2nd*) Great Dane
Equity*s Blue Harl No.16271544 Great Dane
Equity*s Blue MT No.16306899 Great Dane
Equity*s Blue No.16271529 (30.8/18.2) Great Dane
Equity*s Blue No.16306903 (99.85) Great Dane
Equity*s Cruel to You Great Dane
Equity*s FM No.16213836 (Blue recessive) Great Dane
Equity*s Harl No.16213841 (Blue recessive) Great Dane
Equity*s White No.16241297 Great Dane

By Ch Rhoslyn Doc Holliday out of Equity*s HarlNo.16104406.
(4 days)
Equity*s I`m Your Huckleberry (Bitch) Great Dane
By Ch SU Blue Carrier 16290400 out of Equity*s PB No.16262582.
(9 days)
New Puppy #9 (Bitch) Great Dane
Equity*s Blue No.16352180 (Dog) Great Dane
New Puppy #1 (Blue Carrier. ) (Bitch) Great Dane
By Equity*s Blue No.16271529 out of Equity*s Blue Harl No.16271539.
(9 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Great Dane

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Equity*s High Above Me (177 GcH Bronze 99.90) Great Dane
GCH CH KZ Go to War (103GcH9.9F BISx1BRZ) Great Dane
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