CH Fantazee Fancy Me Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GCH CH Fantazee Start Me Up (Starter 6.55) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
CH Fantazee Dark Star (Star) Pumi
CH Fantazee Grayella (Grayella) Pumi
CH Fantazee Ice Iceni (Iceni) Pumi
CH Fantazee Ice Queen (Ice) Pumi
CH Fantazee Ice Wind (Windie) Pumi
CH Fantazee Nightstar Pumi
GCH CH Fantazee Snow Smoke (Snowy) Pumi
CH FFK Untamed Heart (B) Pumi
Fantazee Cure All (Currie) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Fantazee Do It Yourself (Deeeyewhy) Pumi
Fantazee Fawn Fenella (Fenella) Pumi
Fantazee Leave Me Breathless Pumi
Fantazee Love Actually Pumi
Fantazee Unchained Melody (Melody) Pumi

CH Fantazee Doctor Feelgood (Doc) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GCH CH Fantazee Medicine Hat (Hatter) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GCH CH Fantazee Movin On Up (Mova 7.50) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GCH CH |Fantazee Airforce One Pumi
CH Fantazee Fawn Firenze (Firenze) Pumi
CH Fantazee FF Cool Dude (Dude) Pumi
CH Fantazee FF Watch Me Pumi
GCH CH Klassik Black Wolf (Wulfie) Pumi
Fantazee Doctor Gee (Doc) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Fantazee Carlos Pumi
Fantazee Fawn Fyreworks Pumi
Fantazee Glacial Storm (Storm) Pumi
Fantazee Ice Warrior (Warrior 22.15) Pumi
Fantazee Obsidian Pumi

By AirWolf Black 15947410 out of Ch Fantazee Ice Queen.
(6 days)
Fantazee Fawn Fireworks (Fyre) (Dog) Pumi
By Ch Picardy Delux out of Fantazee FF Nightshade.
(6 days)
Fantazee The Black (Black) (Dog) Pumi
By Ch FFK Time of our Darkness out of Fantazee Cure All.
(8 days)
Fantazee Shadow Lord (Lord) (Dog) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
By Ch FFK Wildfire at Midnight out of Ch Fantazee Start Me Up.
(8 days)
Fantazee Start The Fires (Firelite) (Bitch) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
By Ch |Fantazee Airforce One out of Fantazee Fawn Fenella.
(12 days)
Fantazee Hurricane (Harry) (Dog) Pumi
Fantazee Spitfire 50.25 (Pilot) (Dog) Pumi
Fantazee Snow Sparkle (Sparkle) (Bitch) Pumi

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 69.3 (#203)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/19/2017
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/20/2018
Community Rank: 294th
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"GCh Norwich Terrier - $100"
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CH FFK Untamed Heart
Due 2/21/2018 to |Fantazee Airforce One