GCH CH Foxhaber At The Harbor (BBWCG2G3G4) Bearded Collie
CH Foxhaber JustENuff Hope (G4) Bearded Collie
CH Foxhaber Pre Season Bearded Collie
GCH CH Foxhaber Sneaking (G4) Bearded Collie
GCH CH FX All Black and White 2Me (G4) Bearded Collie
GCH CH FX Dont Turn Your Back (G2G3) Bearded Collie
CH FX Seeking The Blue Bearded Collie
GCH CH Kohl Sell Me The Sunshine (95.90 ** 5GP) Bearded Collie
CH Foxhaber Mystique (WBSSG1) Beauceron
CH FX Ready, Set, Go!!! Beauceron
Foxhaber Left In Limbo Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Sweet Caroline Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Privacy Please Beauceron
Foxhaber Temper Temper Beauceron
Foxhaber Wild and Wooly Beauceron

GCH CH FX God Is My CoPilot (G2MG4) Bearded Collie
CH FX The Late Show (2ndinBreedWC) Bearded Collie
GCH CH Kohl MommaSaidNoPastelForYou (95.70 MBISS2GPG3MG4) Bearded Collie
CH Foxhaber No Malice (G2) Beauceron
GCH CH Foxhaber To Shelter!!!!!!!! (MG1G2MG4) Beauceron
CH Foxhaber WHITEOUT!!!! (BWSSG2) Beauceron
GCH CH FX Jessie The Wuppy (BOBWCBOSSG1G2G3) Beauceron
GCH CH FX Theres No I In Team (G2MG3MG4) Beauceron
Foxhaber First Frost Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Highland Sky Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Pastor Ian Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Power of Prayer Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Sadlers Joy Bearded Collie
FX Weather or Knot Bearded Collie
Foxhaber Highland Reel Beauceron

By Ch Foxhaber To Shelter!!!!!!!! out of Ch FX Ten Thousand Reasons.
(8 days)
Foxhaber Im A Survivor (Bitch) Beauceron
By Ch Kohl MommaSaidNoPastelForYou out of Ch Kohl You Left Your Mark.
(8 days)
Foxhaber Train Tipping (Dog) Bearded Collie
By Ch Kohl MommaSaidNoPastelForYou out of Ch Foxhaber At The Harbor.
(8 days)
Foxhaber First Responder (Dog) Bearded Collie

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