GCH CH Weim333 Weimaraner
CH Weim370 Weimaraner
Weim341 Weimaraner
Weim358 Weimaraner
Weim362 Weimaraner
Weim363 Weimaraner
Weim371 Weimaraner
Weim375 Weimaraner
Weim379 Weimaraner
Weim380 Weimaraner
Weim383 Weimaraner
Weim386 Weimaraner
Weim387 Weimaraner
Weim388 Weimaraner
Weim393 Weimaraner

GCH CH Weim318 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim345 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim367 Weimaraner
Weim390 Weimaraner
Weim391 Weimaraner
Weim392 Weimaraner

By Ch Weim318 out of Ch Weim333.
(1 days)
Weim403 (Bitch) Weimaraner
By Weim373 out of Weim375.
(2 days)
Weim400 (Bitch) Weimaraner
By Ch Weim318 out of Weim364.
(2 days)
Weim402 (Dog) Weimaraner
By Weim373 out of Weim362.
(2 days)
Weim401 (Dog) Weimaraner
Weim399 (Bitch) Weimaraner
By Ch Weim345 out of Weim358.
(3 days)
Weim397 (Bitch) Weimaraner
Weim398 (Bitch) Weimaraner
By Ch Weim367 out of Weim341.
(8 days)
Weim395 (Dog) Weimaraner
By Ch Weim367 out of Ch Weim323.
(9 days)
Weim394 (Bitch) Weimaraner

Retirement Couch
GCH CH MacArthurs WW Start M 1 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim11 Weimaraner
CH Weim113 Weimaraner
CH Weim116 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim129 Weimaraner
CH Weim13 Weimaraner
CH Weim130 Weimaraner
CH Weim132 Weimaraner
CH Weim134 Weimaraner
CH Weim137 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim154 Weimaraner
CH Weim156 Weimaraner
CH Weim164 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim165 Weimaraner
CH Weim166 Weimaraner
CH Weim174 Weimaraner
CH Weim175 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim190 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim191 Weimaraner
CH Weim192 Weimaraner
CH Weim193 Weimaraner
CH Weim194 Weimaraner
CH Weim20 Weimaraner
CH Weim203 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim235 Weimaraner
CH Weim236 Weimaraner
CH Weim238 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim247 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim265 Weimaraner
CH Weim266 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim282 Weimaraner
CH Weim284 Weimaraner
CH Weim288 Weimaraner
CH Weim292 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim300 Weimaraner
CH Weim302 Weimaraner
CH Weim323 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim327 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim357 Weimaraner
CH Weim38 Weimaraner
CH Weim4 Weimaraner
CH Weim44 Weimaraner
CH Weim49 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim72 Weimaraner
CH Weim73 Weimaraner
CH Weim80 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim83 Weimaraner
GCH CH Weim89 Weimaraner
General Info
Prestige: 86.2 (#81)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/22/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 12/12/2017
Community Rank: 39th
Forum Activity

Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
Due 12/15/2017 to Weim345
Due 12/15/2017 to Weim367
Due 12/15/2017 to Weim373
Due 12/16/2017 to Weim318