Gordon Working Dogs

GW Ella Mae (Mae 98.40 G4) Alaskan Malamute
GW Synthetic (Thea 98.40 G4) Alaskan Malamute
PWP Synderella (Ella 98.25 G3) Alaskan Malamute
GW Dear John Letter (JoJo 97.75 G4) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Dear Me (Schreiver 97.15 G5) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Deer Season (Winchester 97.75 G4) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Lively Lucy (97.75 $) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Virologist (Monica 8.65 G2) Belgian Malinois
BWD Watch Me (Lou 6.35 G3) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GW Crab Cakes (G4 7/12) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
GW Blind but Now I See (Lynne 97.40 G1) Collie
GW I Walk the Floor (Morgan 97.30 G5) Collie
QK9 Second Wind (Amy 95.40 G3) Flat-Coated Retriever
QK9 When New York Was Irish (Nora 96.10 G5) Flat-Coated Retriever
HK9 Ask the Question (94.55 G1) Redbone Coonhound
Landrys Open Doors (94.40 G1) Redbone Coonhound
GZK Snow Angel (Angel 99.50 G1) Rottweiler

CH GW Ten Pound Penalty (Juliard 97.65 G2) Anatolian Shepherd
CH GW Ever Envious (Hotshot 8.60 G5) Belgian Malinois
GCH CH GW Fonnie Boy (Fonnie 11.05 G4) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
CH Kleenex Mimo (Nimo 97.25 G1) Collie
CH GW Under the Big Top (Bailey 94.40 G2) Redbone Coonhound
CH PZK Power Hungry (Trump 99.40 G2) Rottweiler
GW Adidas (Denny 97.75 G2) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Louie (Louie 97.80 G3) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Paul (Paul 97.65 G6) Anatolian Shepherd
GW Green with envy (G4 7/12) Belgian Malinois
GW Mood Screen (Mortimer 7.15 G6) Belgian Malinois
GW Moody Blues (Blue 6.70 G6) Belgian Malinois
GW Richmond (Richmond 7.65 G5) Belgian Malinois
GW Virginia Beach (Beech 7.65 G5) Belgian Malinois
GW Book of Souls (Prophet 99.60 G1) Rottweiler

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH GW Bless My Soul (9 GCH) Rottweiler
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