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CH Kohl CityLights LayOutBeforeUs Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl CleverButNotCleverEnough (100.00 ** 51GP) Borzoi
CH Kohl FeelingThatICouldBSomeone Borzoi
CH Kohl I ToldYouINeverToldHim (100.00 ** 3GP) Borzoi
LilGyp FameIsMineToKeep @ Kohl (99.90/20) Australian Shepherd
LilGyp WestOfSomewhere @ Kohl (99.90/20) Australian Shepherd
SilenceHasFallenInTheFog @Kohl (99.90/20) Australian Shepherd
Deadlines Gold Pendant (Gold Pied) Borzoi
Heavenly Nude Masks @ Kohl (Red Non-Mask Mum) Borzoi
Kohl 23.50 Brindle Irish (Gold Parent) Borzoi
Kohl 81.15 Black White Irish Borzoi
Kohl 99.40/100.00 Red B. Pie Borzoi
Kohl I Want It. I Got It (100.00 ** 7CP) Borzoi
Kohl 13.70 Cream BM - White Borzoi
Kohl AFeeling I Couldn`t Shake Borzoi
Kohl ATicketGetsMeOutTheDoor (100.00 ** 2CP) Borzoi
Kohl HowCleverIsTooClever4U Borzoi
Kohl I Am Going To Get You Borzoi
Kohl MatildaLeftANoteAndARose (100.00 ** 7CP) Borzoi
Kohl MaybeYouMeantTheWorld2Me (100.00 ** 5CP) Borzoi
Kohl Piebald Goes Sky High Borzoi
Kohl The HeroAnd The Outsiders Borzoi
Kohl When I Was Someone Borzoi
Wordsmith White Project @ Kohl Borzoi
Kohl Remember I Was Real Once Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
VB More Royal Than You @ Kohl Doberman Pinscher
Vixin d*Aramal Doberman Pinscher
Kohl 96.55/98.00 Black WT English Foxhound
Kohl Sparked A Rumor About Me Ibizan Hound
Kohl You Are So Vain (96.10 ** 6CP) Ibizan Hound
Gaylanns Pet Cheetah @ Kohl Pharaoh Hound

CH Kohl Call Me Your Rockstar (100.00 ** 0GP) Borzoi
CH Kohl No Lights Left In Love (100.00 ** 11CP) Borzoi
CH Kohl Terror Under City Lights (100.00 ** 8GP) Borzoi
GCH CH Kuparas Next On Line (tnb 10) Curly-Coated Retriever
Kohl 85.75 Black White Irish Borzoi
Kohl Boy, There Is Hell To Pay Borzoi
Kohl Eleven`s Hour Is Over Now (100.00 ** 4CP) Borzoi
Kohl EnemyStandingInMyDoorWay Borzoi
Kohl GoneInASingleFlashOfLight (100.00 ** 4CP) Borzoi
Kohl Hero Left For LoveAndFame (100.00 ** 8CP) Borzoi
Kohl Hero Who We Loved Once (100.00 ** 5CP) Borzoi
Kohl HowAboutUWalkOutOfMyLife (100.00 ** 9CP) Borzoi
Kohl LostMyLightALongTimeAgo Borzoi
Kohl Love Is Fire, Honey Borzoi
Kohl OfTimeCatchingUpWithMe Borzoi
Kohl TheCrownFellToTheGround Borzoi
Kohl ThisFearsGotAHoldOnMe Borzoi
Kohl You GotThat Power Over Me (100.00 ** 2CP) Borzoi
Wordsmith Be Very Wise (Gold Brindle Irish) Borzoi
Kohl Sparked A Rumor About U Ibizan Hound

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Kohl TheShadeOf AThunderCloud (Bronze GCH [18,906) Afghan Hound
GCH CH AppleCreek Nosey Girl (Bronze GCH) Beagle
GCH CH Kohl A Hero Never Falls (BISS Winner [2,722) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl How Could I Love You Back (100.00 ** 45GP) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl I Run Away To Wonderland (7 x BIS [5,302) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl SheWasTheHeroIAlwaysKnew (2x Best In Show) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl So Call Him, Dont Call Me (Silver GCH [12,209) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl The Eleventh Hour (Silver GCH [9,604) Borzoi
GCH CH Kohl TheStormThatWokeTheStars (Bronze GCH [4,167) Borzoi
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Account Level: Basic
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