CH HSs Portfolio (97.75/20 H TNB) Boxer
CH HSs Market Girl (97.70/20 H Hq TNB) Boxer
Cantona Mango (97.80/20 H G TNB) Afghan Hound
HSs Just Roll With It (97.80/20) Boxer
HSs Red Hot SummerWind (97.75/20 H Fq Hq TNB) Boxer
Summerwind Next Time Out (97.85/20 H Hq TNB) Boxer

Manxville Overture (98.05/20 H G TNB T) Afghan Hound
HSs Rollin On The River (97.90/20 H Hq TNB) Boxer
HSs Under The Bridge (97.85/20 Top ) Boxer
HSs Drift In Time (98/20 H Fq G TNB) Boxer

By Patchouli Black is Back out of Cantona Mango.
(4 days)
HSs Even Flow (97.95/20 H Hq G TNB) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Summerwind State Of The Art out of Ch HSs Time For Gold.
(4 days)
HSs The Art Of Gold (97.85/19.9 H Hq G TN) (Bitch) Boxer
By Ch Summerwind Midnight Obsession out of Summerwind Scotch Bonnet.
(5 days)
Summerwind Total Obsession (97.90/19.8 H G TNB) (Bitch) Boxer
By Ch Summerwind State Of The Art out of Ch HSs Portfolio.
(8 days)
HSs First Impression (97.90/20 H Hq TNB) (Bitch) Boxer
HSs State Of Confusion (97.95/20 H TNB) (Dog) Boxer

Retirement Couch
CH HSs Market Time (97.75/20 H Hq TNB) Boxer
GCH CH HSs Stock Market (BISS 97.65/20) Boxer
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