Hawkeye Kennel

About Hawkeye Kennel
Hawkeye Kennel is dedicated to bringing the SOP of rarer breeds well into the 90s. Hawkeye is currently working on Chinese Shar-Peis. I am currently working with side breeds to gain showing experience!

This kennel's prefix is Hawk.

Sales Policy
I will sell to basics but will reclaim dogs if you become inactive for more than 30 days. Dogs will also be reclaimed from banned kennels.

After I have had the pick of the litter, all high-quality puppies will be placed for sale, with a price reflecting their quality (will not exceed $200).

If you wish to FH a dog bred by me please contact me first as I may wish to purchase the dog back!

Stud Policy
All males are placed up for stud for $100.

If you do use a Hawk stud I may wish to purchase a puppy if you sell them, so feel free to pm me!

General Info
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Upcomming Litters
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