GCH CH Carons Peanut Butter (95.80) Beagle
CH Houndsome Aries (95.85) Beagle
GCH CH Houndsome Bel Air (95.80) Beagle
GCH CH Houndsome Belle (96.15) Beagle
CH Houndsome Caprice (95.85) Beagle
CH Houndsome Capricious (95.95) Beagle
CH Houndsome Tiki (95.95) Beagle
CH Houndsome Whimsy (96.00 | 13-1) Beagle
Houndsome Blau (19.90) Beagle
Houndsome Bondi Beach (96.00 96.15A) Beagle
Houndsome Lana (96.10) Beagle
Houndsome Moon (16.75) Beagle
Houndsome Prowess (96.10) Beagle
Houndsome Tempest (95.95 | 14-3) Beagle
New Puppy #1 (96.05A) Beagle
New Puppy #1 (10.2-10.2) Beagle
New Puppy #5 (10.2-10.2) Beagle

GCH CH AppleCreek Snoopy (96.05) Beagle
CH Houndsome Bon Temps (95.90) Beagle
GCH CH Houndsome Spike (96.25) Beagle
Houndsome Abba-Zaba (96.00) Beagle
Houndsome Blabbermouth (23.35 24.75A) Beagle
Houndsome Blooie (30.15) Beagle
Houndsome Blunder (23.60 25.05A) Beagle
Houndsome Bonhomie (96.10 96.20A) Beagle
Houndsome Fluffernutter (96.00) Beagle
Houndsome Kerosene (94.95 96.40A) Beagle
Houndsome Lampwick (95.05 96.00A) Beagle
Houndsome Mood (96.15) Beagle
Houndsome Pompeii (95.80 96.20A) Beagle

By Houndsome Lampwick out of Houndsome Proper.
(2 days)
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Beagle
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Beagle
By Ch Houndsome Spike out of Ch Carons Peanut Butter.
(2 days)
Houndsome Jello Shot (Bitch) Beagle
By Ch AppleCreek Snoopy out of Houndsome Tempest.
(2 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Beagle
By Bombyx Gen 4 16292890 out of Houndsome Blau.
(12 days)
Houndsome Blank Space (Bitch) Beagle
Houndsome Blonde (Bitch) Beagle

Retirement Couch
CH AppleCreek Impala Award (95.60) Beagle
CH AppleCreek Priss Impression (95.75) Beagle
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