House of K9s

Dogs Finished:

CH HK9 Congressman
CH HK9 Send in the Clowns
CH HK9 Big Bang Theory
CH Abarrane Of Karmaspring
CH Razzy Cool Rebel
CH HK9 Leather and Lace
CH HK9 Two Dollar Pistol
CH HK9 Silently I Go
CH LBK Clean the House Carlotta
CH HK9 Death Dance
CH HK9 The Walking Dead
CH HK9 Questions and Answers
CH Hk9 Global Positioning
CH HK9 Prepare Yourself
CH HK9 Meet My Demands
CH Wuppets Watch This

CH HK9 The Walking Dead (Marvel 13.45 G3) Belgian Malinois
CH Wuppets Watch This (Watcher 7.20 G5) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HK9 A Dollar for Ten (Dollar 97.70 G2) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Five Dollar Bill (Tandy 97.75 G5) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Nike (Nike 97.65 G5) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Twin Peaks (97.75) Anatolian Shepherd
Missouri River Twinkle (Sarah 97.85 G6) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Zombie Fighter (Zombie 7.90 G4) Belgian Malinois
HK9 Adrift in the Ocean (Poker 7.50 G3) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HK9 Impartial (G4 7/9) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Kleenex Dive Suit (Stevie 99.75 G1) German Shepherd Dog
Kleenex Guinda (Guinda 99.75 G2) German Shepherd Dog
HK9 Storm Surge (Stormy 95.25 G2) Greyhound
HK9 Wave On Wave (Wave 95.65 G4) Greyhound
HK9 Answer No Man (Maurine 94.85 G6) Redbone Coonhound
HK9 Global Optimist (Tasha 94.85 G6) Redbone Coonhound
HK9 Going Global (Jane 94.90 g1) Redbone Coonhound
HK9 Powder River Gunsmoke (River 93.50 G5) South African Boerboel
HK9 Wild West (93.35 G1) South African Boerboel
Mamba Wild Encounter (Susan 93.90 G2) South African Boerboel

CH HK9 Death Dance (Diogenes 97.60 G2) Anatolian Shepherd
CH HK9 Prepare Yourself (Peter 7.75 G4) Belgian Malinois
CH HK9 Meet My Demands (Mandy 8.30 G4) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
CH HK9 Apolo (Apolo 95.95 G6) Greyhound
GCH CH HK9 Questions and Answers (Dave 94.80 G3) Redbone Coonhound
CH HK9Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap (Dealer 94.40 G1) Redbone Coonhound
GW Five for Fighting (Brett 97.85 G6) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Dollars to Doughnuts (Doughnut 97.70 G5) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Fight Like A Tiger (98.00) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Five Oclock Shadow (97.75) Anatolian Shepherd
HK9 Demanding (Simba 4.70 G6) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HK9 Fair and Balanced (Fox 6.65 G4) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HK9 Impartiality (6.85) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HK9 Devil Joe (Diablo 94.40 G4) Doberman Pinscher
HK9 A Blast of Jazz (Jazz 95.25 G2) Greyhound
HK9 Infidel (Chris 95.60 G6) Greyhound
HK9 Power Surge (Surge 95.45 G6) Greyhound
HK9 Rocket (Rocket 95.95 G1) Greyhound
HK9 Forte (Forte 94.45 G3) Redbone Coonhound
Mamba Tiger Call (94.00 G5) South African Boerboel

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