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CH Irvine Belisma
Due 9/23/2017 to Irvine Vernon
CH Irvine Brenna
Due 9/24/2017 to Irvine Wayland
CH Irvine California
Due 9/25/2017 to Irvine Xander
CH Irvine Chanel
Due 9/26/2017 to Irvine Yanni
CH Irvine Dahlia
Due 9/26/2017 to Irvine Zarek
CH Irvine Destiny
Due 9/27/2017 to Irvine Adwin
CH Irvine Edeline
Due 9/27/2017 to Irvine Achilles
CH Irvine Elaina
Due 9/28/2017 to Irvine Bardia