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Breeder of 55 Pumi champions since November 3, 2017

36 Pumi champions finished by this kennel


Home and breeder of

**GOLD** GCH JPumi Magnum Force

Multiple Best Of Breed wins and Best in Specialty Show wins

UPDATE- Sept. 17, 2018

Magnum is now a GOLD Grand Champion!

Update- August 14, 2018


GCH. JPumi Future Times

Now in the show ring, and doing quite well!


August 20, 2018

There are now 11 Pumi Kennels out there, with about 200+ individual dogs in the breed.

As of this date, I will no longer be offering Pumi for public sale- This will be a closed kennel until further notice.

CH JPumi Frosted Bunny (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Future Times (*SPECIAL*) Pumi
CH JPumi Limited Force (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Time To Dream (DONE) Pumi
JPumi Angel Shadows (9.7-9.4) Pumi
JPumi Dark Future (9.7-9.3) Pumi
JPumi Forceful Times Pumi
JPumi I Know I*m Hot Pumi
JPumi Land Of Dreams (SHOW) Pumi
JPumi Little Black Cloud Pumi
JPumi Look Into The Future (**SHOW**) Pumi
JPumi Snow Storm Baby Pumi
JPumi Soul Of An Angel (SHOW) Pumi
JPumi Soul Of Snow Pumi
JPumi The Angels Know Pumi
JPumi Time Spent (SHOW) Pumi
JPumi Time Warped (SHOW) Pumi
JPumi Unknown Lands (SHOW) Pumi

CH JPumi **Broken Dreams** (Needs 1 CH.) Pumi
CH JPumi A Force Of One (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Future Dreamer (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Magnum Force (Needs 2 Chs.) Pumi
CH JPumi Shadows Follow Me (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Star Wars (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi White Shadows (DONE) Pumi
JPumi Dark Shadows Pumi
JPumi Frosted Future (9.7-9.3) Pumi
JPumi Once Upon A Time (*Keep4Color*) Pumi
JPumi The Dark Side (SHOW) Pumi
JPumi War Of The Worlds Pumi

By Ch JPumi Magnum Force out of JPumi Look Into The Future.
(6 days)
JPumi The Future Force (**SHOW**) (Dog) Pumi
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Magnum Force out of Ch JPumi Future Times.
(6 days)
JPumi Dirty Harry (Dog) Pumi
By Kupara Strong Head out of JPumi The Angels Know.
(6 days)
JPumi Heads Above The Rest (9.8 Head) (Dog) Pumi
By Kupara Strong Head out of JPumi Land Of Dreams.
(6 days)
New Puppy #4 (9.8 Head) (Bitch) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Future Dreamer out of Ch JPumi Angel In The Snow.
(6 days)
JPumi A Future Force (Dog) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Star Wars out of Ch JPumi Time To Dream.
(6 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Pumi
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Future Dreamer out of Ch JPumi Limited Edition.
(7 days)
JPumi Future Edition (Dog) Pumi
By Ch JPumi The Shadow Knows out of JPumi Time Spent.
(12 days)
JPumi Shadows Well Spent (Dog) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Magnum Force out of JPumi Snow Storm Baby.
(12 days)
JPumi Storm Force Winds (Bitch) Pumi
By Ch JPumi Magnum Force out of JPumi I Know I*m Hot.
(12 days)
JPumi I Am A Force (Bitch) Pumi

Retirement Couch
GCH CH JPumi **Dreams Of Snow** (2nd HBred Ch) Pumi
CH JPumi After The Storm (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Almost Believable (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Angel In The Snow (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Broke The Barrier 90.00 (1st HBred Ch) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Dreamer (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Knight (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Deputy Dawg (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dream Land (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Fantasy Numbers (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Golden Fawn (3 pt major) Pumi
CH JPumi Limited Edition (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Snow Angels (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Snow Bunny (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Snow Fence (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Super Nova Pumi
CH JPumi Tar Baby Pumi
CH JPumi The Black Fox (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi The Shadow Knows (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Time To Snow (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Too Hot To Handle (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Wolf In The Snow (DONE) Pumi
General Info
Prestige: 87.8 (#67)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/3/2017
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 9/24/2018
Community Rank: 3rd
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