Just Pumi


Breeder of 100+ Pumi champions since November 3, 2017

80+ Pumi champions finished by this kennel


Home and breeder of

**GOLD** GCH JPumi Magnum Force

Multiple Best Of Breed wins and Best in Specialty Show wins

UPDATE- Sept. 17, 2018

Magnum is now a GOLD Grand Champion!

UPDATE- April 25, 2019

Magnum is now a SILVER SIRE with 25 Champion offspring!
He is the First and only SILVER SIRE for the Pumi Breed!


Update- August 14, 2018

GCH. JPumi Future Times


Update- December 18, 2018

GCh. JPumi Wings Of A Dove


Update-Jan. 25, 2019

GCh.JPumi A Shining Dove


Update- April 10, 2019

Ch.JPumi Magnum White Dove
(Magnums Best Daughter From His Final Litters)

GCH CH JPumi A Shining Dove (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi A White Dove (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Magnum Dove (RETIRE) Pumi
CH JPumi Magnum White Dove (**100th Ch.**) Pumi
CH JPumi Undercover Angel (RETIRE) Pumi
4-D 16574484 G1 42.0 Pumi
JPumi A Gray Dove (90.2-20.0) Pumi
JPumi A Gray Mist (83.1-20) Pumi
JPumi Angel Wings Pumi
JPumi Black Falcon Pumi
JPumi Not A Francis Pumi
Shiro Lady Crystella (*****) Pumi
Shiro Lady Helena (keep) Pumi
Shiro Lady Juliette (keep) Pumi

CH JPumi Magnum Undercover (SHOW) Pumi
CH JPumi Magnum Wolf (SHOW) Pumi
CH JPumi Pancho Villa (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Shadow Hawk (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Undercover Hawk (**STUD**) Pumi
GCH CH Shiro All Aboard (*#1AllTime*) Pumi
CH Shiro Titanium Crown (keep) Pumi
JPumi 16829880 Gray 69.4 (**Keep-Stud**) Pumi
JPumi A Fawn Hawk (85.4-20) Pumi
JPumi A Gray Fog (92.4-20.0) Pumi
JPumi Dark Eagle (**STUD**) Pumi
JPumi Magnum Hawk Pumi
JPumi Secret Villa Pumi
JPumi Snowy Owl Pumi
JPumi What The Future Holds Pumi
JPumi Wings Of An Eagle Pumi

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH JPumi Avalanche Pumi
CH JPumi A Shining Force (carr.Fawn?) Pumi
CH JPumi Angel Shadows (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Forces (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Future (9.7-9.3) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Of The Moon (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dark Shadows (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dirty Harry (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Dream Land (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Frosted Bunny (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Future Darkness (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Future Edition (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Future Times (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi I*m A Secret White (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Land Of Dreams (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Limited Force (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Look Into The Future (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Low Shine 91.60-19.5 (Adj.SOP 91.85) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Magnum Force (**25 Chs.**) Pumi
CH JPumi Not As Much Shine Pumi
CH JPumi Once Upon A Time (*Keep4Color*) Pumi
CH JPumi Shadows Well Spent (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Shining Secrets Pumi
CH JPumi Snow Storm Baby (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Soul Of An Angel (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Star Wars (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Storm Force Winds (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi The Angels Know (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi The Black Hawk (carr.Fawn?) Pumi
CH JPumi The Dark Side (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi The Future Force (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Time Spent (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Time Warped (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi Unknown Lands (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi War Of The Worlds (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi White Out* (DONE) Pumi
CH JPumi White Shadows (DONE) Pumi
GCH CH JPumi Wings Of A Dove (RETIRE) Pumi
General Info
Prestige: 20.0 (#995)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/3/2017
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 3rd
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