KC Misty Meadows

GCH CH KCMMs Josie And The Pussycats Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Shadow Dancer (9.8 size 9.7ft) Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Sissy La Las (9.7s 9.8ft) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs This Ones Trouble Rottweiler
KCMMs Blowing Bubbles (9.8s 9.6both) Rottweiler
KCMMs Double Trouble (9.7both) Rottweiler
KCMMs Hide And Seek (99.6(9.8s10.3c)) Rottweiler
KCMMs I Got Soul (9.7both) Rottweiler
KCMMs Night Moves* Rottweiler
KCMMs Night Of The Living Star (9.8 size) Rottweiler
KCMMs Night Stars (9.8ft 9.6size) Rottweiler
KCMMs Reba (9.8ft9.7 size) Rottweiler
KCMMs Sister Trouble (9.7all3) Rottweiler
KCMMs Trouble Is My Game Rottweiler

CH KCMMs Devil May Care (9.8size9.6C) Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Go Chiefs Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Kid Ink Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Me And My Shadow Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs See My Shadow (9.8size9.7ft) Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Tank (Session late) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs Touchdown! Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Troubled Zombie Rottweiler
KCMMs Down And Dirty Rottweiler
KCMMs Here Kitty Kitty Rottweiler
KCMMs I Got The Blues Rottweiler
KCMMs I Will Take Another (9.6c9.7both) Rottweiler
KCMMs Night Stalker (9.8 size) Rottweiler
KCMMs See The Night Stars (10.3c 9.7both) Rottweiler
KCMMs Seeing Trouble Rottweiler
KCMMs Some More Trouble Rottweiler

By Ch Indigo Starrs Some More Magic out of Ch KCMMs Sissy La Las.
(2 days)
New Puppy #10 (Bitch) Rottweiler
KCMMs Blacklist (10.3C9.8s9.8ft) (Dog) Rottweiler
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Rottweiler
By Ch KCBRs Three Doors Down out of KCMMs Trouble Is My Game.
(6 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Rottweiler
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Rottweiler
KCMMs Code Black (9.8size) (Dog) Rottweiler
KCMMs Triple Trouble (9.8 coat) (Dog) Rottweiler
By Ch KCMMs Troubled Zombie out of Ch KCMMs This Ones Trouble.
(8 days)
KCMMs My Good Zombie (9.7both) (Bitch) Rottweiler
KCMMs Too Good For Trouble (99.60 9.8s 10.3c) (Dog) Rottweiler
By Ch Indigo Starrs Now You See Me out of KCMMs I Got Soul.
(8 days)
KCMMs Tears For Fears (9.7both) (Bitch) Rottweiler
By Ch KCMMs Kid Ink out of Ch KCMMs Josie And The Pussycats.
(9 days)
KCMMs Written In Ink (9.8ft) (Bitch) Rottweiler
By Ch Indigo Starrs Now You See Me out of Ch KCMMs J.Lo.
(11 days)
KCMMs K. D. (9.8size9.6c) (Dog) Rottweiler
KCMMs Blowing In The Wind (9.7all) (Bitch) Rottweiler

Retirement Couch
GCH CH KCMMs Give Me Hope (9.8ft 9.6size99.50) Rottweiler
CH KCMMs Give Me The Bubbly (True 99.50) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs I Want Some More Of It (True 99.50) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs J.Lo (99.50) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs King Of Darkness Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs Living Large Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs Star Studded Zombie Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs The Devils Game Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs The Devils Lies Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs The Devils Queen (Great #'s) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs Twister (KEEP) Rottweiler
GCH CH KCMMs Zombie Devil (Session) Rottweiler
General Info
Prestige: 78.9 (#134)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/2/2015
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 11/22/2017
Community Rank: 8th
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KCMMs Double Trouble
Due 11/23/2017 to KCMMs Me And My Shadow
GCH CH KCMMs This Ones Trouble
Due 11/25/2017 to KCMMs Me And My Shadow
KCMMs Sister Trouble
Due 11/27/2017 to KCMMs Some More Trouble