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CH Keeskee Bag It Up (77.40/16.8) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee Beneath The Stars (77.40/18.8) Japanese Chin
GCH CH Keeskee Heavenly Rose (77.95) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee The Key The Secret (78.15) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee Classica (85.50/19.6) Pekingese
CH Keeskee Whole Lotta Love (83.70) Pekingese
CH Keeskee Chocolate Orange (94.30GP) Pomeranian
CH Keeskee Ice Queen (94.70GW) Pomeranian
Keeskee Catch A Rainbow (76.50) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Hiroshima (77.30/18.8) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Before The Storm (84.50) Pekingese
Keeskee Got Til It`s Gone (94.20) Pomeranian

CH Keeskee Raymond (77.15) Japanese Chin
GCH CH Keeskee Southern Sun (77.70) Japanese Chin
GCH CH Keeskee Wind In The Willows (77.15GP) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee Hien Yung Of Pekellen (84.95/18.9) Pekingese
CH Keeskee Loto (84.65GP) Pekingese
GCH CH Keeskee Keep Control (94.50GW) Pomeranian
CH Keeskee Northern Knight (94.25GW+BISPL) Pomeranian
Keeskee Apollo (78.05) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Blondier (77.65/19.1) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Catch Me If You Can (77.35) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Cloud Number Nine (77.10) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Rose Royce (77.15) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Rose Wine (77.10) Japanese Chin
New Puppy #5 (94.45) Pomeranian

By Ch Pekellen Hidden Talent out of Ch Keeskee Classica.
(0 days)
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pekingese
By Ch Hazygate Enlightenment out of Ch Keeskee Ice Queen.
(6 days)
Keeskee Lollypop (94.65) (Bitch) Pomeranian
By BSAs Perfect Fit out of Ch Keeskee Heavenly Rose.
(9 days)
Keeskee Night And Day (78.20/19.3) (Dog) Japanese Chin
By Keeskee Rose Royce out of Ch Keeskee Beneath The Stars.
(11 days)
Keeskee Star Rose (78.60/19.0) (Bitch) Japanese Chin

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CH Keeskee The Key The Secret
Due 9/18/2014 to Keeskee Apollo
GCH CH Keeskee Heavenly Rose
Due 9/18/2014 to Keeskee Southern Sun
Keeskee Got Til It`s Gone
Due 9/18/2014 to Hazygate Enlightenment
CH Keeskee Ice Queen
Due 9/21/2014 to Jidokey Pleasure Principle