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She is a multiple group and BISS winner laugh :D

GCH CH Keeskee Bellaria (89.25GP) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee White Daffodil (88.75) Japanese Chin
CH Keeskee Ariel (95.25GW) Pekingese
GCH CH Keeskee Fatamorgana (95.50GW) Pekingese
Keeskee Coloratura (89.60/19.7) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Lemon Nymph (88.75/19.6) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Still Waiting (88.90) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Sunny Zone (88.90) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Sweet Lemon (88.95) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Waiting Lounge (88.80/19.7) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Helen (95.00) Pekingese
Keeskee Spring Whisper (95.20) Pekingese
Keeskee Vanity ( Pekingese
Jidokey Precious At Keeskee (98.30) Pomeranian

CH Keeskee Be Sharp Say Nowt (95.20GP) Pekingese
GCH CH Keeskee Hong Kong (95.25GP) Pekingese
CH Keeskee Rocker (95.05GP) Pekingese
CH Keeskee Saxophone (95.00GP) Pekingese
Keeskee Bel Canto (89.60) Japanese Chin
Keeskee By Your Side (89.70) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Giovanni (88.95/19.8) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Lemon Dust (88.60) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Minimum (88.75/18.7) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Oppulant (88.75) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Piano (88.60) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Why Oh Why (88.65/18.0) Japanese Chin
Keeskee Sun And Moon (77.85) Pekingese
Keeskee Taiwan (95.20) Pekingese
Keeskee Too Funky (95.40) Pekingese
New Puppy #2 ( Pekingese

By Ch Keeskee Rocker out of Keeskee Spring Whisper.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Pekingese
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pekingese
By Keeskee By Your Side out of Ch Keeskee Bellaria.
(0 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Japanese Chin
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Japanese Chin
By Keeskee Bel Canto out of Keeskee Sweet Lemon.
(0 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Japanese Chin
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Japanese Chin
By Ch Sandchape Blue Velvet out of Jidokey Precious At Keeskee.
(8 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pomeranian
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Pomeranian
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pomeranian
By Keeskee Giovanni out of Keeskee Lemon Nymph.
(8 days)
Keeskee Nimbus (89.35) (Dog) Japanese Chin
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Japanese Chin
By Ch Keeskee Winter Ray out of Keeskee Sunny Zone.
(8 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Japanese Chin

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 74.7 (#111)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/2/2013
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 136th
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Upcomming Litters
Keeskee Vanity
Due 5/25/2019 to Keeskee Sun And Moon
CH Keeskee White Daffodil
Due 5/25/2019 to Keeskee By Your Side