CH Kingfisher Fire In the Sky Irish Terrier
CH Kingfisher Got My Net (G2MG3WB) Irish Terrier
CH Kingfisher Santa Rosa (G4) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher Matrimony (MBOS) Norfolk Terrier
CH Kingfisher Resurrected Norfolk Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher Cheerleader (MBB) Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher Not Forgotten (BISSMBBMG4) Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher To The Throne Irish Terrier
Kingfisher Making Sense Norfolk Terrier
Kingfisher Camoflage (G4) Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Cheer Up Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Invisible (WB) Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Rest In Peace (BW) Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Yes Your Honor Smooth Fox Terrier
Shining Strega (G4) Smooth Fox Terrier

GCH CH Kingfisher Live Stream (MG3) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher Neuro Check (MBIS) Irish Terrier
CH Kingfisher Vineyard (BIS) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Shining Bear (BBBOS) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher On A Roll (BISSMG234MBB) Norfolk Terrier
CH Kingfisher Whos Your Daddy (BWBOS) Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH Shining Center Line (BB) Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Every Which Way Irish Terrier
Kingfisher Tell the UN Irish Terrier
Kingfisher Arise My Love Norfolk Terrier
Kingfisher Courageous Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher Facing Giants Smooth Fox Terrier
Kingfisher World Series Smooth Fox Terrier

By Ch Shining Banquo out of Kingfisher Invisible.
(3 days)
Kingfisher Blindsided (Bitch) Smooth Fox Terrier
By Ch Kingfisher Batter UP! out of Kingfisher Rest In Peace.
(3 days)
Kingfisher Swallowed Whole (Dog) Smooth Fox Terrier
By Ch Truen Gunslinger out of Ch Kingfisher The Isle.
(3 days)
Kingfisher Vacation!!!! (Dog) Irish Terrier

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Kingfisher Off to the Pub (MBISMG1) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Kingfisher Private Spy (G1) Smooth Fox Terrier
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Signed Up: 7/25/2016
Account Level: Standard
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