Kleenex Kennels

CH Kleenex Magnetista (97.75) Collie
CH Kleenex Stickum (97.85) Collie
CH Kleenex White Out (97.70) Collie
Kleenex Magnolia (97.70) Collie

GCH CH Kleenex Magnesium (97.80 10BISS 2 NATB) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Magnetic (97.85) Collie
CH Red Painting the Wind (97.80) Collie
CH Red Windy Days (97.70) Collie
CH Red Windy Nights (97.75) Collie

By Ch Kleenex Magnetic out of Ch Kleenex White Out.
(10 days)
Kleenex Magneteer (97.80) (Dog) Collie
By Ch Red Painting the Wind out of Ch Kleenex Blue Six.
(10 days)
Kleenex Paint Ur WagOn (97.90) (Bitch) Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Kleenex 007 (97.00 NatBob2BISS62) Collie
CH Kleenex 007 Dynasty Collie
CH Kleenex 007 Siena (96.95 National BOB) Collie
GCH CH UDKleenex Afterthought (97.45) Collie
GCH CH UDKleenex Armageddon (97.35 3XNatBISS 26sp) Collie
CH Kleenex Blackami (97.60) Collie
CH Kleenex Blue Six (97.65) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Blue Suede Paws (97.55) Collie
GCH CH CDKleenex Bodacious (97.45) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Caddyshack (97.60) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex CaddyWhack (97.55) Collie
CH Kleenex Captaer (97.65) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Catchup (97.60) Collie
CH Kleenex Esmeralda (97.15) Collie
CH Kleenex Mahogamy (96.95) Collie
CH Kleenex Movin N Grovin (97.15) Collie
CH Kleenex Moving On Out (96.80) Collie
CH Kleenex Moving On Up (96.90) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Perla (97.40) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Sliding in Sideways (97.15 10 gait) Collie
GCH CH UDKleenex Smirk (97.40) Collie
GCH CH UDKleenex Smitten (97.45) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Snap (97.20) Collie
CH Kleenex Triformaly (97.00) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Trivanced (97.05 BISSx6) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Wi Tri Me (97.00) Collie
CH Kleenex Wi Tri Mike (97.00) Collie
GCH CH Kleenex Wi Trivancement (97.10 BISSx30 NAT BO) Collie
CH Kleenex Wiggle (97.40) Collie
CH Kleenex Wind Walker (97.65) Collie
CH Kleenex Zaphiny (97.20) Collie
CH Kohl Meeting ForThe First Time Collie
GCH CH Mamba Lassie Collie
General Info
Prestige: 91.9 (#43)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/7/2017
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 8/17/2018
Community Rank: 75th
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Upcomming Litters
CH Kleenex Stickum
Due 8/18/2018 to Red Windy Nights
CH Kleenex White Out
Due 8/18/2018 to Kleenex Magnetic
CH Kleenex Magnetista
Due 8/18/2018 to Blue Moon OohBlaDee