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I have been slowly trying to get a homebred in every breed. But, I have finally found a couple breeds that keep my interest, so im dabbling in American Foxhounds and Pembroke Welsh Corgies. In my hombred project, I have around 40 breeds complete to date.

Anything 81.2+ is still finishing with ease in this breed. Im personally not keeping anything 81.4+. I will occasionally have puppies for sell. 80+ is still good breeding quality. I will have some proven producers up for sell and some new pups. If you see something you like, just shoot me an email.

I will put all my guys up for stud at 30 days.

Unfinished- $25
Finished- $50

If you see something you would like to use and its not up, just shoot me an email. I may have forgot or didnt notice he was of age.

Last updated on 12/4/2012 and still have more to do

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