My name is Elizabeth. I enter the game at least 2 to 3 times a day, unless I'm somewhere with no Internet connection, which might happen often during summer since I like to go camping.


I sell with no approval and you are free to do whatever you want with them (show, session, sell or FH). I do sell to basics. I sell for $100 unless the dog has a very high SOP or is completely sessioned. I will never sell a dog for more than $300.

***Please do not offer on dogs that are not for sale. The offers will be declined.***


I will put all decent pups that I won't be keeping up for sale. If they aren't bought after 24-48 hours they will be FH.


I always put all of my boys on the Stud List so all other breeders can use them. However, If I have a very high SOP dog I might decide to use him as stud exclusively for my girls for around a month or so before putting him on the stud list once he is 2 month old.

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