Lap of Luxury

CH Mystiques Midnite Myst (SP DUE 24) Shiba Inu
CH Saikyo Gamblers Moll (96.10 SP SHOW) Shiba Inu
FuzzStorm Breaking Even (Due 22) Shiba Inu
Lil Mischiefs Rise of Sunshine (Due 24) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Bar Maid (96.10 DUE 24) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Cat Walk (96.05 High C SESSION) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Croupier (96.15 VHG&F/SHOW) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Deal The Cards (SESSION) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Fashion Victim (5* Due 24) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Geisha Girl (26FQ) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Heaven Sent Shiba Inu
Saikyo Hot Stuff (96.05 High S) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Jo Jo (10.3 CoatKEEP) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Krazy Queen (96.25 Due 25) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Miss Vogue (96.15 due 9) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Silver Chips (BUp Due 22) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Sunshiny Day (96.20 DUE 22) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Surfs Up (SESSION) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Sweetness (The 9.6 S 10.2 Due24) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Sweety Pie (The 9.7 Due 22) Shiba Inu

CH Saikyo Brothers In Arms (96.45 SHOW) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Fashion Icon (96.35 SHOW) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Hot Fashion ( Has 2 Majors SHOW) Shiba Inu
Saikyo On The Beach (K 96.25 SHOW BU) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Sesame Seed (96.20K) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Smart as Paint (96.40 SHOW) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Winter Chill (96.35) Shiba Inu
ShibaKrazee Ayesha (25 FQHQ) Shiba Inu

By ShibaKrazee Maximum Effort out of Foxxrun FQ Sweetie.
(8 days)
Saikyo Supersweet (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Tenmurai Go Toukonryuusou out of Saikyo Surfs Up.
(10 days)
Saikyo Dream Date (K*) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Saikyo Smart as Paint out of Saikyo Miss Vogue.
(11 days)
Saikyo So Smart (96.40) (Dog) Shiba Inu
By Saikyo Hot Fashion out of Mystiques Krazee Fuzzstorm.
(11 days)
Saikyo Calima Storm (96.50) (Dog) Shiba Inu
New Puppy #3 (96.25) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Ch Saikyo Brothers In Arms out of Saikyo Krazy Queen.
(11 days)
New Puppy #4 (96?35 Size 10.3) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Saikyo Smart as Paint out of Saikyo Fashion Victim.
(13 days)
Saikyo Ticks The Boxes (96.55) (Dog) Shiba Inu
By Ch Saikyo Brothers In Arms out of FuzzStorm Breaking Even.
(13 days)
Saikyo Breaking Tops (96.40) (Dog) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Yves Klein (96.50 B) (Bitch) Shiba Inu

Retirement Couch
CH DK Its Only Magic (95.35 SHOW) Estrela Mountain Dog
CH Lil Mischiefs (Due 3) Shiba Inu
CH Lil Mischiefs Gamble (Due 3) Shiba Inu
CH Lil Mischiefs Poker Face (USE) Shiba Inu
GCH CH Lil Mischiefs Smiling Princess (Due 8) Shiba Inu
CH Lil Mischiefs Star Gazer Shiba Inu
CH Lil Mischiefs Sunset Horizon Shiba Inu
CH Mystiques Defend the tantrum (Retired) Shiba Inu
General Info
Prestige: 54.5 (#345)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/7/2016
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 8/21/2017
Community Rank: 15th
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"Puppy gods hibernating?"
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"Request for more NH judges"
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"Don't you just love it when...."
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Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
FuzzStorm Breaking Even
Due 8/22/2017 to Saikyo Smart as Paint
Saikyo Sunshiny Day
Due 8/22/2017 to Saikyo On The Beach
Saikyo Silver Chips
Due 8/22/2017 to Saikyo Brothers In Arms
Saikyo Sweety Pie
Due 8/22/2017 to Saikyo Smart as Paint
Saikyo Bar Maid
Due 8/24/2017 to Foxxrun TNB Treasure
Saikyo Sweetness
Due 8/24/2017 to ShibaKrazee
Lil Mischiefs Rise of Sunshine
Due 8/24/2017 to ShibaKrazee HQ Hype
Saikyo Fashion Victim
Due 8/24/2017 to ShibaKrazee Red Ruger
CH Mystiques Midnite Myst
Due 8/24/2017 to ShibaKrazee Maximum Effort
Saikyo Krazy Queen
Due 8/25/2017 to ShibaKrazee Ayesha