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Changing Breeds. Many thanks to all that have helped me, I've really enjoyed being in the breed, but I don't have enough time to do these dogs justice.

$100 each, no approval needed.

If you want to buy 3 or more, then just offer $50 each
on their page.


I've been working on Coat trait so some of the lower SoP bitches have very good coats. I've also been
trying to keep Black and Tan going.

Good luck to all who buy any and thanks again happy :)

CH Saikyo Red Berry (97.5 High Top Hidden) Shiba Inu
CH Loch Tay Led Astray (94.75 RESERVED) West Highland White Terrier
BlackBean from Morpurgo Manchester Terrier
Millton Bomba Sister (Black 90.55/19.1) Manchester Terrier
Millton Ebony Market (90.65/20. B) Manchester Terrier
Millton Keeps a Secret (90.60/20 B) Manchester Terrier
Millton Secret Girl (90.55/19.8 B) Manchester Terrier
Saikyo Coat Bomba ( @# 10 COAT #@) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Mizz Charming (97.40 **10 FQ**) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Perfect Coat Shiba Inu
Saikyo Rainbow (97.30) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Two Tempting (97.30*3iB 1stTimeOut) Shiba Inu
SailboatQueen of Coats (@@COAT 9.9 @@) Shiba Inu
Loch Tay Funky Monkey (HQ 9.4 KeepB/O) West Highland White Terrier
Loch Tay Lightning Run (94.65B. ) West Highland White Terrier

CH Saikyo Number Cruncher (97.40**G3-1stTimeOut) Shiba Inu
CH Saikyo Sensational from WCT Shiba Inu
GCH CH Loch Tay Glam Rock (95 RESERVED) West Highland White Terrier
Saikyo Blue Sensation (97.35. **SIZE/FEET**) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Perfect 10 (Perfect 10 Coat) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Rainbow Warrior (97.4 ##FQ/Gait/Size#) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Soldier Spy (97.45) Shiba Inu
Saikyo Stir Crazy (97.4 @@FQ/Gt/Coat@@) Shiba Inu
Loch Tay Forerunner (94.80 RESERVED) West Highland White Terrier

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Saiko Chances Are Shiba Inu
GCH CH Saikyo Blue Horizon (GRAND CHAMPION) Shiba Inu
GCH CH Saikyo Brothers In Arms (96.45 SHOW) Shiba Inu
GCH CH Saikyo Four Chances Shiba Inu
GCH CH Saikyo Kontiki Shiba Inu
CH Saikyo Tinker Tailor (97.3 Carries B&) Shiba Inu
CH Saikyo Tinkers Dream (97.4) Shiba Inu
GCH CH Saikyo Touch The Mountain Shiba Inu
GCH CH ShibaKrazee Ayesha (96.80) Shiba Inu
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