Welcome to Mauvais Lowchen.

We are a foundation breeder and have built our foundation on our original lines, and dogs from before the SOP change!

Colours Available in Kennel: Black and Cream Particolour, Fawn Parti Colour, Lemon Parti Colour. Some carry Liver (Unsure of which at the moment)

Noteworthy Champions {In order by finish}:
Ch. Mauvais Forever Haunted
Ch. Mauvais Malaquena Salerosa
Ch. Mauvais Sundance Kid
Ch. Mauvais Starlette
Ch. Mauvais Knight in White
Ch. Mauvais Not A Toy
Ch. Mauvais Black Friday Ruin

Check out my other breeds at:
Trip - Havanese
Jett - Source Havanese
Dealers - Toy Poodles
Jettki - Pumi
Xaphira - German Pinschers
Z - Pharaoh Hounds

And my Fiance's Kennels:
The Iron Moose - Pumi and Alaskan Klee Kai
The Blood Moon Project - Toy Fox Terriers
The Badlands Havanese Kennel - Havanese

This is a fairly closed kennel, as my lines have stayed pure for over 70 generations even when I went on a hiatus and came back.

I only sell to established kennels, please PM for more information. I will consider Basics if they have good references.

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