I'm planning to breed Spanish Water Dogs from source to hopefully increase the numbers of SWDs in the game.
All puppies will be put up for sale once they've settled and FH'd at 14 days if there's been no interest. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in any dogs.

happy :) happy :) happy :)

Mijas Cream Tlapat (B1F) Komondor
Mijas White Lumi (A1F) Komondor
Mijas Douro (B1F) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Guadiana (A1F) Spanish Water Dog
UW Brownie Point Spanish Water Dog

CH Aldeberan Icebreaker (StudA1) Komondor
CH Mijas Looking Glass (StudB3) Komondor
CDXMijas Ebro (StudB3) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Tagus Spanish Water Dog

By Mijas Bone Astrila out of Mijas Powder Pirta.
(0 days)
Mijas Powder Puff (B3Fb) (Bitch) Komondor
Mijas Rag and Bone (B3Mb) (Dog) Komondor
By Mijas Alabaster Kayi out of Mijas Salt Natquik.
(0 days)
Mijas Rice Blizzard (A3Fb) (Bitch) Komondor
Mijas Eggshell Tlamo (A3Mb) (Dog) Komondor
By Ch Mijas Looking Glass out of Mijas Ivory Aniu.
(0 days)
Mijas Ghost in the Mirror (B3Fa) (Bitch) Komondor
Mijas White Glacier (B3Ma) (Dog) Komondor
By Ch Aldeberan Icebreaker out of Mijas Oyster Qanir.
(0 days)
Mijas Pearl Jammer (A3Ma) (Dog) Komondor
Mijas Shell Glacier (A3Fa) (Bitch) Komondor
By Mijas Tagus out of UW Brownie Point.
(2 days)
Mijas Lemon Drizzle (Bitch) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Chocolate Cake (Dog) Spanish Water Dog
By Icecapade Mr White N Brown out of Mijas Pisuerga.
(2 days)
Mijas Támega (B3Fa) (Bitch) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Pallaresa (B3Fb) (Bitch) Spanish Water Dog
By Mijas Ebro out of Mijas Minho.
(2 days)
Mijas Segre (B3Ma) (Dog) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Genil (B3Mb) (Dog) Spanish Water Dog
By Ch UW Invincible Dark out of Mijas Turia.
(2 days)
Mijas Guadalquivir (A3Mb) (Dog) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Esla (A3Fb) (Bitch) Spanish Water Dog
By Ch Shybades Breaking The News out of Mijas Segura.
(5 days)
Mijas Cinca (A3Fa) (Bitch) Spanish Water Dog
Mijas Jucar (A3Ma) (Dog) Spanish Water Dog

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