About Mindora Kennels:
Here at Mindora Kennels, we currently have 2 separate breeding programs running. One is with pre-existing lines where our aim is to increase the quality of these Lagotti for breeding and show.
It is not often we have show quality lagotti for sale, however I do do request breedings (for paying showdog members only).
All dogs/bitches in my "for sale" listing are for sale. First come first serve to any user. The only time when approval is required is if that particular dog/bitch has been specifically requested.

As of recent it has been brought to my attention that there is a shortage of quality showdogs displaying brown as their colour. I have therefore just started in trying to bring back this colour into the breeding pool. Hopefully we will see some high statted brown lagotti soon enough in the show ring!

The other breeding program I have running concurrently is to bring new breeding lines in. I am also specialising here in making sure every single colour option in the lagotti remains. I am working on bringing the quality of these new lines up through selective breeding. The offspring of these laggoti are often not for sale as their quality is not very good yet. However if you are desparate for a low gen lagotto then message me and I'll see what I can do for you!

About Lagotto colours:
-Colours are: Brown, Brown Roan, White and Brown, Orange, Orange Roan, White and Orange and Off-White.
-The rarest colour is off-white.
-The most common colours are any that feature the base Brown colour.
-In order to get an off-white puppy in a litter, both parents must either carry or exhibit the off-white gene.
-In order to get a puppy featuring the base colour orange in a litter, both parents must either carry or exhibit the orange gene. At least one parent must exhibit the gene. It is more prominent in OW carriers or exhibitors.
-In order to get a puppy in a litter that features the brown base colour, only one of the parents needed to either exhibit or carry the brown base gene. Brown is the most dominant of the three colours, so even if a lagotto carries all three, it is most likely the lagotto will be brown.
-Of course colour genetics get a whole lot more complicated than this. This is just a watered down simplified version to give you an idea.
- The patterns of solid colour, roan and white markings are also genetic and are carried via the parents.
-Roan is the most common, followed by the base colour and white, followed by a full coat of the base colour.

About Tollers:
I have recently purchased approx end of 2012/ beginning of 2013, a nice young breeding pair of Tollers who I hope will make it into the show ring soon enough! Stay Tuned for more info on Miss Regal and Journey to the Sun (my starting bitch and dog from WildWaters and Hacksaw kennels respectively).

What do all those letters mean next to their names?
Lagotto colours: As I specialise in Lagotto colours, I currently own at least one of each colour variation. As OW is more difficult to keep track of and can be carried via parents, I often write whether the dog is a carrier of OW. I also put the dogs colour in it's name too. This helps me with breedings, but can also help those looking for studs.
OW= Off White
OWcarrier= Off White carrier
OW?= Highly likely/Suspected Off White carrier
W+O=White and Orange
OR=Orange Roan
W+B= White and Brown
BR= Brown Roan

I'm also starting to get into Toller colours as well, so here's a bit of decoding for them too:
R+BN= Red and Black Nose
R+FN= Red and Flesh Nose
RC+BN= Red Copper and Black Nose
RC+FN= Red Copper and Flesh Nose

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