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January 2014 International Champion
Morningstars Chalabas

February 2014 International Champion
Morningstars Brand New Day

I will be working to breed and show Borzois in this kennel. I am also working on Color breeding in this kennel as well as in
several of my other kennels. Feel free to look around.

PLEASE DO NOT bid on dogs not listed for sale. Contact me if you see a dog you are interested in that is not listed for sale and we MIGHT be able to work out something that works for both of us.

Have a GREAT day.


Morningstars Fern*s Bend Borzoi
Morningstars Laclair Borzoi
Morningstars Naughty But Nice (DO NOT SHOW) Borzoi
Morningstars Princess Maya (10HIND+Coat&TEMP) Borzoi

Morningstars Charging Storm Borzoi

None at this time.

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None at this time.
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