GCH CH Mustardville Bottom Line (G4) Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Still Krazy Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Beach Blanket Bingo Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Beach Princess Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Call To Post Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Short Price Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Write Your Story Clumber Spaniel
BH All Guts No Glory Clumber Spaniel
BH Belle E Dancer Clumber Spaniel
BH Catherine The Great Clumber Spaniel
BH Complete Verification Clumber Spaniel
BH No Where to Hide Clumber Spaniel
Mustardville Capitalistic Clumber Spaniel
Mustardville Momma Nature Clumber Spaniel

CH BH Cry Me A River (G2) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
CH BH Tumbling Tumbleweed Cardigan Welsh Corgi
CH BHandBS AGyroLivesInYou Cardigan Welsh Corgi
CH Lanakila Catch A Break Cardigan Welsh Corgi
GCH CH Badgerhill A Revivial (G1G3G4) Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill Clumber Party Clumber Spaniel
CH Badgerhill Hence Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill The Comeback (34thinShowMG1G3G4) Clumber Spaniel
CH BH Colonel of Mustardville Clumber Spaniel
CH BH Into The Vortex Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH BH The Best Is Yet 2 Come (4ShowG1MG2MG3MG4) Clumber Spaniel
CH Mustardville Night Sky (4thinShowG1G2G3) Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Rally Cry Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Tapwrit Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Avail Us Nothing Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Half Measures Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Sight 4 Sore Eyes Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Mustardville Absolution Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Imperial Hint Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Mr. Crow Clumber Spaniel

By Ch BH Colonel of Mustardville out of Mustardville Capitalistic.
(1 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Clumber Spaniel
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Clumber Spaniel
By Ch BHandBS AGyroLivesInYou out of BH Call To Post.
(2 days)
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
By Ch BHandBS AGyroLivesInYou out of BH Beach Princess.
(2 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
By Ch Badgerhill The Comeback out of BH Catherine The Great.
(7 days)
BH Driving Miss Daisy (Bitch) Clumber Spaniel
By Ch BH Into The Vortex out of Badgerhill Short Price.
(7 days)
BH Playin Da Trump Card (Dog) Clumber Spaniel

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Badgerhill Jive Talking (BISM2ndInShowMG1234) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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