CH Badgerhill My Day Job Cardigan Welsh Corgi
GCH CH Badgerhill Im Not Nosey! Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill Never Better Clumber Spaniel
CH BH A New Kind of Crazy Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH BH Just Passing Time Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Housekeeper Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Jive Talking Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Over The Cliff Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Security Scare Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Thats Not True!!!! Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Inundated Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Olympic Freestyle Clumber Spaniel
BH All Dogs Go 2 Heaven Clumber Spaniel
BH Who Beat Songbird Clumber Spaniel
Mustardville Myrtle Beach Clumber Spaniel

CH Badgerhill In Custody Cardigan Welsh Corgi
CH Badgerhill Anchor Man Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill Nosey Clumber Spaniel
CH Badgerhill Pucker Up Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill The Whammy Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Badgerhill Water Rescue Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH BH A Worthy Opponent Clumber Spaniel
GCH CH Mustardville The Titanic Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill East Coast Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Hacked Again Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill We Are Farmers Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill West Coast Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BH Power To Pardon Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Badgerhill Texas Overload Clumber Spaniel
BH Clumbering Around Clumber Spaniel
Mustardville Richmond Clumber Spaniel

By Ch BH A Worthy Opponent out of Badgerhill Olympic Freestyle.
(5 days)
Badgerhill Ready or Not (Dog) Clumber Spaniel
Badgerhill Here I Come (Dog) Clumber Spaniel
By KingdomCome Freeborn out of Badgerhill Security Scare.
(5 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
By KC Run In With The Law out of Badgerhill Jive Talking.
(5 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Cardigan Welsh Corgi
By Ch KC At The Pearly Gates out of Badgerhill Minnehaha.
(12 days)
Badgerhill Clumsy (Dog) Clumber Spaniel

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Signed Up: 1/24/2016
Account Level: Standard
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