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Thanks for stopping in at OtterTail (OT) Labrador Retriever Ranch. Home of bringing the yellow and chocolate color into the Labrador Retriever breed on showdog! Take the boots off, stay a while and, if ya see anything you like give us a holler. I reckon I'll see ya'all at the shows with my yellow and chocolate labs in the near future...I hope! wink ;)

A special thanks to seawood for the banner!!

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OT Chocolate Charade (C100.0/93.60) Labrador Retriever
OT Interlude Glitter (Y99.8/92.85-19.5) Labrador Retriever
OT Yellow Quirk (Y100.0/93.60) Labrador Retriever
OT Yellow Sassy Truth (Y100/92.90) Labrador Retriever
OT Yellow Thata Glitter Gal (Y100.0/92.95) Labrador Retriever

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH OT CoCo General Wiggle (C100/92.55) Labrador Retriever
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