Paws with Poise Kennel

PWP Lily (Lily G5) Alaskan Malamute
PWP While My Pretty One Sleeps Alaskan Malamute
PWP Dorothy Come Home Anatolian Shepherd
PWP Not in Kansas Anatolian Shepherd
PWP Ceiling Fan Black and Tan Coonhound
PWP Dancing with the Foxes Black and Tan Coonhound
New Puppy #1 Collie
New Puppy #3 Collie
New Puppy #4 Collie
New Puppy #5 Collie
PWP Court of Appeals (Courtney G4) Collie
PWP Grace Kelly (Grace G2) Collie
PWP I Got Game (Tenny G3) Collie
PWP State of Grace (Terry G5) Collie
Kissangels Jump to The Side (Lena G2) German Shepherd Dog
Kissangels Wild Wave (Leila G3) German Shepherd Dog
PWp Again Acknowledged German Shepherd Dog
PWp Chapters End German Shepherd Dog
PWp Easy Rider German Shepherd Dog
PWP Ocean Wave (Wave G4) German Shepherd Dog
PWP The Devil Wears Prada (Prada G3) Golden Retriever
PWP Maggie (Maggie G5) Rottweiler

GCH CH HWK Clever Fox (Sly G1) Alaskan Malamute
CH HWK Mystic Lights (Mystic G1) Alaskan Malamute
CH Mystiques Temptation Advocate (Lawman G3) Rottweiler
Deweys silversmith Anatolian Shepherd
DK If Wishes Were Horses Anatolian Shepherd
GW Brother Love Anatolian Shepherd
PWP Man About Town Anatolian Shepherd
PWP Walt Disney Anatolian Shepherd
PWP Walter Cunningham Anatolian Shepherd
GW Prejudice Black and Tan Coonhound
GW Tales of Tails Black and Tan Coonhound
New Puppy #2 Collie
PWP Practicality (Cal G4) Collie
PWP Schoolhouse Rock (Rocky G1) Collie
QK9 Kentucky Bourbon (Whiskey G3) Collie
QK9 Road to Truth (Lasher G3) Flat-Coated Retriever
Cajuns Sports Writer German Shepherd Dog
Calibres About the Author German Shepherd Dog
PWP Back to Good German Shepherd Dog
PWP Fritzl (Fritzl G2) German Shepherd Dog
PWP New York State of Mind (Billy G1) German Shepherd Dog
PWP Royalties German Shepherd Dog
PWP Wave on Wave (Keen G4) German Shepherd Dog
PWP Wild Thing (Collin G4) German Shepherd Dog
Wuppets Lights Camera Action (Brother g3) German Shepherd Dog
PWP Do It My Way (Sinatra G4) Golden Retriever
PWP High and Mighty (Mighty G2) Golden Retriever
PWP Take Me Higher (Creed G2) Golden Retriever

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Prestige: 25.0 (#696)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/1/2016
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 7/24/2017
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