Pearl City

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CH. Pearl City Walk From Here
99.4% SOP. #46 on the All-Time Top Dogs Australian Shepherd list. 19 BISS, 10 BIG, 59 BIB's, and multiple show placements. My first true super star Champion

CH. Pearl City Diamonds and Stars -Bronze Sire-
99.4% SOP, first ever. Made an impact on the rest of the breed because of his high SOP. Bronze Award. Deceased

Pearl City She`s Golden -Bronze Dam-
- 99.7% SOP. Her SOP would have been wonderful without the low SS. She received a Bronze Award nonetheless

CH. Pearl City Nightshades To Fall
99.7% SOP. #87 on the All-Time Top Dogs Australian Shepherd list. 8 BISS, 43 BIB, 13 BIG's, and many show placements. He has beaten a total of 10,310 dogs! A record holder

GCH. CH. Pearl City Prince Charming UD
99.7% SOP. 4 BISS, 25 BIB, 5 BIG, 1 BIS's and many show placements. 1st to ever get a GCH & CD, CDX, UD title in this kennel!

GCH. CH. Bellamy de Montserrat
96.05% SOP. 12 BIB, 10 BIG, and countless of show placements. She has beaten a total of 4,629 dogs

GCH. CH. Rich As The Amazon Forrest
96.20% SOP. A daughter of Bellamy who made her way to the top of the show ring just like her mother

GCH. CH. Sage Five Opus Twelve
94.05% SOP. Sage came out of the first litter of JRT that I had in this kennel and he turned out to be a big surprise and a great showstopper!

GCH. CH. Pearl City Heart of The Sea UD
96.65% SOP. 24 BIB, 15 BIG, 7 BIS. He broke so many hearts by beating 4,347 dogs!

GCH. CH. Pearl City Star of The Valley
97.50% SOP. A recent star, 4 BIG that lead into show placements. She beat of total of 2,273 dogs and I never expected her to do so. Job well done

-Bronze-GCH. CH. Pearl City Hot Potato
97.55% SOP. He was the founding sire in what I call, "The Solanum Tuberosum Line". 31 BIB, 18 BIG, 2 BISS, and 3 BIS! Countless of show placements. Not only was he able to beat 6,566 dogs, he become the first in this kennel to hold a Bronze GCH title!

Other Dogs to Mention
CH. Pearl City Rainbow Apologize * CH. Famous Chanter of Arragon * GCH. CH. Heartblaster * CH. Pearl City Sea Sick * CH Pearl City Rockabilly King * CH. Pearl City Rockabye Baby * CH. Pearl City French Fries Please* CH. Pearl City Mister Potato

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