Breeding and showing Pekingese

Proud breeders & owners of the March 2017 Top Pekingese And Top Toy happy :)


Who is not only an illastrious showman but also a prolific sire

CH Keeskee Return To Pekellen (94.15) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Sarcastica (94.35GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Shocked (94.40GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Soon Enough (93.95) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Sooner Or Later (94.60) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Sparkling Rose (93.90) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Step Sister (94.20GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Unforgettable (94.70/19.8GP) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 Pekingese
New Puppy #3 Pekingese
Pekellen Aprilia (94.45) Pekingese
Pekellen Betty Boo (94.15) Pekingese
Pekellen Here And There (94.35) Pekingese
Pekellen Shamrock (94.10) Pekingese
Pekellen Sweet Hour (93.90) Pekingese
Pekellen Weeping Willow (94.25) Pekingese
Pekellen What Do I Do (94.25) Pekingese

CH Jidokey From Here To Pekellen (94.10) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Clean Bandit (94.20GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Ed (93.95GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Pond Of Joy (94.15GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Resistant (94.20GP) Pekingese
CH Pekellen Second Time Around (94.25GP) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 Pekingese
New Puppy #2 Pekingese
Pekellen Double Dutch (94.35) Pekingese
Pekellen Fire With Fire ( Pekingese
Pekellen Rhinestone Cowboy (94.15) Pekingese
Pekellen Tiptoe Tony (94.15) Pekingese

By Ch Pekellen Pond Of Joy out of Ch Keeskee Return To Pekellen.
(4 days)
Pekellen Jenny Mild (94.15) (Bitch) Pekingese
By Ch Keeskee Something Going On out of Ch Pekellen Shocked.
(4 days)
Pekellen Scandalous (94.80) (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pekingese
By Ch Jidokey Flambeau out of Ch Pekellen Sparkling Rose.
(12 days)
Pekellen Fresh At Weekends (94.25) (Dog) Pekingese

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Prestige: 74.1 (#166)
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Signed Up: 11/1/2013
Account Level: Family
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Upcomming Litters
CH Pekellen Sarcastica
Due 5/24/2018 to Pekellen Clean Bandit
CH Pekellen Step Sister
Due 5/24/2018 to Sandchape Chances Are
Pekellen Betty Boo
Due 5/26/2018 to Pekellen Pond Of Joy