Pembroke Pixie Kennel

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This kennel uses the prefix Pixie, feel free to use this prefix if you purchase a puppy that I have bred, but don't feel obligated to! Please use a different prefix for dogs not bred by myself.

• Creating a source-bred line of Pembroke Welsh Corgis - currently Generation 2.
• Showing Belgian Tervurens to build kennel prestige.

Sales and Stud Policy
I'm happy to sell to basics but I will reclaim dogs from inactive accounts if they could help my breeding programmes. If you want to FH a dog please feel free to PM me first as I will consider buying it back.

Happy to accept reservations on puppies as long as I get first pick! Shoot me a pm to reserve puppies.

Most males in my kennel will be offered for stud as soon as they are old enough for $50. If they have a GC title they will cost $100. I will probably keep tabs on any upcoming litters and make offers on puppies before you FH any!

My Finishing Kennel
This kennel is linked to Pixie Finishing Kennels, where I may finish dogs bred by me. I will also finish dogs for other players there.

Sponsor of the Wonderlight All Breed Shows

General Info
Prestige: 32.1 (#433)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/19/2019
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed
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Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
Pixie Sense Winter
Due 4/22/2019 to Taylynn Bears Beets BSG
Pixie Amaze
Due 4/25/2019 to Pixie No.16820782