CH Peppertrees Contezza Cane Corso
CH Peppertrees Free Bird (PAO) Cane Corso
CH Peppertrees Lana Cane Corso
CH Peppertrees Mallori Cane Corso
Alejandra de La Heladas Argentine Dogo
Peppertrees Bambina (KAI) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Havana Cane Corso
Peppertrees Illiana (KAI) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Maddelena Cane Corso
Peppertrees Massima Cane Corso
Peppertrees Mira Cane Corso
Peppertrees Nirvana (KER) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Pierina (KAI) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Sarafina (ANA) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Anagram German Shepherd Dog
Peppertrees Antje of Krieghund German Shepherd Dog
Peppertrees Emera German Shepherd Dog

CH Peppertrees Kerberos (~) Cane Corso
CH Peppertrees Paola (*) Cane Corso
GCH CH Peppertrees Speakeasy (~) Cane Corso
CH Peppertrees Zalstein (~) German Shepherd Dog
Peppertrees Gemma Cane Corso
Peppertrees Kai (*) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Lazzaro Cane Corso
Peppertrees Silvano (*) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Epsilon (*) German Shepherd Dog
Peppertrees Picasa German Shepherd Dog
Peppertrees Ziggy German Shepherd Dog

By Ch Peppertrees Speakeasy out of Peppertrees Mira.
(1 days)
Peppertrees Mikah (Bitch) Cane Corso
Peppertrees Caracas (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch Peppertrees Speakeasy out of Peppertrees Maddelena.
(1 days)
Peppertrees Mynamar (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Peppertrees Silvano out of Peppertrees Pierina.
(3 days)
Peppertrees Sylva (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Peppertrees Anatolio out of Ch Peppertrees Free Bird.
(4 days)
Peppertrees Anisto (Dog) Cane Corso
By Ch Peppertrees Kerberos out of Peppertrees Nirvana.
(8 days)
Peppertrees Nympha (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch Crispy Moonboy out of Crispy Tahiti.
(10 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Appenzeller Sennenhund
By Krieghund Reddi out of Krieghund Ruth.
(12 days)
Peppertrees Ursaring (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog

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Due 4/24/2014 to Peppertrees Paola
Peppertrees Nirvana
Due 4/27/2014 to Peppertrees Paola
Peppertrees Antje of Krieghund
Due 4/27/2014 to Ambers StoneFall