Puzzle Kennel

Titled Dogs:

CH RedWay Special K RT,(Rat Terrier)CH Indigo Starrs Heart And Soul, (Rottweiler)
CH PZK Midnight Vows, (Rottweiler)
CH Mamba Blanco, (Argintine Dogo)
CH Puzzles Wind in the Willows, (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
CH PZK Micah, (Chihuahua)
CH Kohl The Power And The Glory, (Rottweiler)
Home of: GCH CH Take No Prisoners at IronGate, (Rottweiler)
CH Indigo Starrs Heart Of Glass, (Rottweiler)

CH RedWay Beyond Offended of RT (Wanda 95.75 G2) Rat Terrier
CH RedWay Special K RT (Keta 95.80 G2) Rat Terrier
CH Indigo Starrs Heart And Soul (Heart 99.65 G1) Rottweiler
CH PZK Midnight Vows (Drucilla 99.45 G3) Rottweiler
Mamba Mireille (Myra 95.55 G4) Argentine Dogo
Puzzles Firing Line (Peggy 95.60 G6) Argentine Dogo
SkyHaven Class Act (Classy 95.80 G4) Argentine Dogo
Puzzles Angelique (Angel 6.85 G5) Belgian Malinois
Puzzles Love Me Do (Holly 4.65 G6) Belgian Malinois
Puzzles Diana (Diana 5.30 G5) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Puzzles Velvet Dress (Nibbles 94.95 G4) Chihuahua
Puzzles Vision in Velvet (Dena 94.95 G3) Chihuahua
PZK Blue Velvet Chihuahua
PZK Velvet Revolver (Velvet 94.35 G1) Chihuahua
Puzzles Cereal Killer (Killer 95.50 G6) Rat Terrier
Puzzles Prodigy (Vega 96.00 G2) Rat Terrier
Indigo Starrs More And More (Minty 99.65 G2) Rottweiler
Puzzles Mount Joy Jail (Joy 99.65 G5) Rottweiler
Puzzles Save Your Bacon (Hog 99.65 G6) Rottweiler
PZK Dancin in the Moonlight (Sell 99.45) Rottweiler
PZk Gone Dancin At Midnight (Hilda 99.40 G1) Rottweiler
PZK Midnight Madness (Maddie 99.50 G3) Rottweiler
PZK Shoot First (Shooter 99.60 G4) Rottweiler
PZK Take A Walk Rottweiler

CH Mamba Blanco (Blanco 95.50 G4) Argentine Dogo
CH Puzzles Wind in the Willows (Mole 15.80 G5) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
CH PZK Micah (Micah 95.45 G1) Chihuahua
CH Indigo Starrs Heart Of Glass (Cutter 99.65 G1) Rottweiler
GCH CH Take No Prisoners at IronGate (Rory 99.65 G3) Rottweiler
Puzzles Touching Evil (Hooper 95.70 G1) Argentine Dogo
SkyHaven Top of the Line (Juan 95.80 G5) Argentine Dogo
Puzzles Last Call for Boarding (Fenway 4.70 G6) Belgian Malinois
Puzzles Micah 2 (Micah 94.40 G4) Chihuahua
PZK Prize Fighter Chihuahua
PZK The Boxer (Simon 96.45 G3) Chihuahua
Puzzles More of This (Gideon 99.65 G5) Rottweiler
PZK Dancing with the Stars (Star 99.60) Rottweiler
PZK Glory Road (Punch 99.50 G2) Rottweiler
PZK Power Struggle (Dana 99.45 G3) Rottweiler
PZK Warden (Arden 99.60 G2) Rottweiler

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 25.0 (#647)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/1/2016
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 8/9/2018
Community Rank: 76th
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