Welcome to Razmatazza. I have been in the breed since 2005 and then stopped in 2007 with 156 champions. Now I have restarted again in the breed and will help continue the improvement of our breed. I will help those who need help starting in the breed or just looking for a dog to show, just shoot me an email and let me see what I can do for you.

GCH CH Razzy Caribbean Blue Chihuahua
CH Razzy Daisy Dukes (4) Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Midnight Rose Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Moonshine Blues Chihuahua
CH Razzy Snowflake Gypsy Chihuahua
CH Razzy Starry Midnight Kiss Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Summer Blossom (3) Chihuahua
CH Razzy Summer Passion Chihuahua
CH Razzy SuperNova Chihuahua
CH Razzy Tahitian Moon Chihuahua
CH Razzy Tahitian Sunset (1) Chihuahua
CH Razzy Tiki Typhoon (5) Chihuahua
CH Razzy Wild Blossom (2) Chihuahua
Razzy Aztec Flower Chihuahua
Razzy Aztec Moon Goddess Chihuahua
Razzy Calming Waters Chihuahua
Razzy Calypso Breeze Chihuahua
Razzy KamiKaze Pie Chihuahua
Razzy Ocean Breeze Chihuahua
Razzy Pie Twister Chihuahua
Razzy Smoke N Mirrors (Carrier) Chihuahua
Razzy Storm Warning Chihuahua
Razzy Sun Goddess Chihuahua
Razzy Suntorian Star Chihuahua
Razzy Twist N Shout Chihuahua
Razzy Typhoon Twist Chihuahua

GCH CH Razzy Aztec Prince (3) Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Aztec Warrior Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Hurricane Force (1) Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy The Big Kahuna (2) Chihuahua
Razzy Bootleg Bandit Chihuahua
Razzy Greek Myth Chihuahua
Razzy Kamikaze Twister Chihuahua
Razzy Mischievous Maverick Chihuahua
Razzy Savage Flame Chihuahua
Razzy Storm Cruiser Chihuahua

By Ch Razzy Diamond Bandit out of Razzy Suntorian Star.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Chihuahua
By Razzy Sun Pie out of Razzy Pie Moon.
(3 days)
Razzy Eclipse of Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
Razzy Moon Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
Razzy Pudding Pie (Dog) Chihuahua
By Ch Razzy Diamond Bandit out of Razzy Pie Story.
(3 days)
Razzy Pie Bandit (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Ch Razzy Hurricane Force out of Razzy Pie Eater.
(3 days)
Razzy Sky Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Ch Razzy Aztec Warrior out of Razzy KamiKaze Pie.
(3 days)
Razzy Pie Hunter (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Razzy Greek Myth out of Razzy Pie Twister.
(3 days)
Razzy Greek Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
Razzy Grecian Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Razzy Savage Flame out of Razzy Pie Warrior.
(3 days)
Razzy Pyro Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Razzy Sun Pie out of Razzy Wild Pie.
(3 days)
Razzy Chief Pie (Dog) Chihuahua
Razzy Crazy Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
Razzy Pretty Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua
Razzy Cutie Pie (Bitch) Chihuahua

Retirement Couch
CH Pinks Bicardi Party at Razzy Chihuahua
CH Razzy Blue Moon Chihuahua
CH Razzy Champagne Supernova Chihuahua
CH Razzy Crimson Delight Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Diamond Bandit Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Dirty Diamond Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Good Night Kisser Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Good Night Moon Chihuahua
CH Razzy Kiss N Tell Chihuahua
CH Razzy Kiss Thief Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Kiss You Good Night Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Midnight Cowboy Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Midnight Serenade Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Monkey Business Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Moonshine Madness Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Moonshine Magic Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Natural Disaster Chihuahua
CH Razzy Party Crasher Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Pony Express Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Prince Charming Chihuahua
CH Razzy Pucker Up Chihuahua
CH Razzy Rocket Science Chihuahua
CH Razzy Rum Bandit Chihuahua
CH Razzy Senor Charm Chihuahua
CH Razzy Sing Me To Sleep Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Smoke N Moonshine Chihuahua
CH Razzy Social Butterfly Chihuahua
CH Razzy Stars Go Blue Chihuahua
CH Razzy Steal Your Heart Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Storm Chaser Chihuahua
CH Razzy Strawberry Margarita Chihuahua
CH Razzy Summer Breeze Chihuahua
CH Razzy Sweet Dream Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Sweet Kisses Chihuahua
GCH CH Razzy Sweet Sunrise Chihuahua
CH Razzy Tequila Sunrise Chihuahua
CH Razzy Wild At Heart Chihuahua
CH Razzy Wild Lotus Chihuahua
CH Razzy Wild Style (LH - 1) Chihuahua
CH Razzy Winter Chill Chihuahua
CH Razzy Wreaking Havoc Chihuahua
General Info
Prestige: 82.9 (#18)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 1/3/2005
Account Level: Standard
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