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I have been in the breed for over a year and have bred many champions. I owe a huge thanks to Lanakila ACDs for getting me started in the breed and giving me the two brood bitches that started my kennel: GCH Regenhaus Shattered Impression (Finished GCH on 5/5/15) and GCH Regenhaus Ancient Dream (Finished GCH 5/3/15) who received Bronze merit dam.

Currently I am trying to increase the SOP and bring back my lines of ACDs with my old dogs and current dogs by other kennels.

-Regenhaus Ashes Of Eden (Dog)

-Regenhaus Back In Black (Dog) 6 points

-Regenhaus Witches Brew (Bitch) 4 points

-Regenhaus Demon Hunter (Dog)4 points

Studs will be at $25 unless they have reached their championship or grand championship.They will be $50 with championship and $100 with grand championship.

Occasionally, I will have pups and older dogs for sale. I will ask $100 unless they are exceptional.

-Regenhaus Witches Brew x Broken Cheap Thrills due 10/23/16

-Regenhaus Collateral Damage x Regenhaus Back In Black Due 10/23/16

-Regenhaus Whiskey Hangover x CLDSPG Plain N Simple due 10/23/16

Other Kennels:
-Guinevere: Pomeranians and Portuguese Pointers
-Harbinger: Harriers and Pembroke Welsh Corgis
-Kissed By Legend: Golden and Labrador Retrievers
-Sköll: Akitas and Cane Corsos
-Wicked Wiccan: Borzois and English Setters

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