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Welcome. I am a returning player, specializing in JRTs. My goal for this kennel isn't just high SOPs but also an evenness of traits, including feet. I am also trying to set 10s for TNB, and am getting close to that goal.

My GP is a picture of my own JRT, Cooper, and may not be used. Yes, I do think his ear makes him cuter, which is why I don't breed in real-life.

My original kennel, Raistlins, is currently working on bringing tri-colored and rough-coated JRTs and up to finishable SOP. When that happens, I will be integrating them into this kennel, and using that kennel for another project.

My last premium kennel (Topaz Fields) is working to reintroduce lost colors into a few different breeds. When those colors get close to finishable SOPs, I'll probably be looking for more projects - if you know of a breed in need, let me know breeds and the specific colors/traits that are missing, thank you. UPDATE: I have all the projects I can manage at this point in time, thank you!

RBK Design Jack Russell Terrier

CH RBK Behind the Scenes (Title complete) Jack Russell Terrier
RBK Architect (/96.7 TNB *GT/SZ) Jack Russell Terrier
RBK Late Nights (/96.7 TNB) Jack Russell Terrier
RBK Round House (/96.65 TNB *HD) Jack Russell Terrier

None at this time.

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