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**Platinum** GCH Rustic Perfect Numbers*****

He is the first Kelpie in breed history to achieve the Platinum GCh. title!

Achieved this award Dec. 25, 2017

He is also now ranked as Number 1 on the breed All Time Top Australian Kelpie Show Dogs list!


Jan. 2018

Now branching out to include Lowchen

These will be a bit rough for awhile, since they are Starter/Admin. bitches bred to a Gen. 7 stud

They will carry the "Bay-Gin" kennel prefix

Hopefully, they will be a good foundation for my line.

Thank you for visiting!

CH Rustic Chance At Perfection (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
CH Rustic Perfectly Numbered** Australian Kelpie
Rustic Call Me Rain***** (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Give Me A Break***** (**KEEP**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Miss T Rain***** (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
Bay-Gin Ace Crackers (55.8) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Ace Crumbs (55.5) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Bubbles Lowchen
Bay-Gin Cracker Crumbs***** (47.7) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Going For The Gold (50.9-13.1) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Golden Aces (52.3) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Pie-Eyed Fawn (47.8) Lowchen
Bay-Gin The Black Hole (57.6) Lowchen

CH Rustic Call Me Perfect***** (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
CH Rustic Rainy Perfection***** (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Chance Ways***** (**98.4**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Fawn Over Me Australian Kelpie
Rustic Near Perfect (**SHOW**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Perfect Reign***** (**98.5 Keep**) Australian Kelpie
Rustic Playing In The Rain Australian Kelpie
Rustic Triple Numbers Australian Kelpie
Rustic Triple Play (**98.60**Keep) Australian Kelpie
Bay-Gin Ace In The Hole***** (57.3-12.3) Lowchen
Bay-Gin All About The Aces (53.0) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Big N Rich***** (55.6-13.0) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Flying Aces***** (50.4) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Heartbreak Kid***** (54.2-13.2) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Hole In The ChocoPie (56.8) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Not A Lemon***** (52.4-12.8) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Piece Of The Pie (54.1) Lowchen
Bay-Gin Rufus Lowchen
Bay-Gin Sour Lemons (55.1-13.0) Lowchen

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH Rustic Game On***** (**98.4**) Australian Kelpie
CH Rustic Laughing Game***** (**98.4**) Australian Kelpie
GCH CH Rustic Perfect Calling***** (**KEEP**) Australian Kelpie
GCH CH Rustic Perfect Fawn Rain***** (**98.4**) Australian Kelpie
GCH CH Rustic Perfect Numbers***** (**26 CHs.**) Australian Kelpie
CH Rustic Twice As Perfect***** (**98.4**) Australian Kelpie
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