PS Puppys Britney (f) Boxer
Velvet`s Special Games (99.60 C.3 FE.3) Boxer

CH Halcyon Happy Mood (.55 c.3 s.3 fe.7) Boxer
SMK SHOTINTHEDARK (.60 fe.4) Boxer

By KaCees Adored Beast out of Velvet`s Special Games.
(1 days)
SMK ONESTEPATATIME (.65 fe.7) (Dog) Boxer
By Ch Timber Creek American Pride out of Timber Creek Savannah Dayz.
(10 days)
SMK CHEROKEE PRINCESS (.65 c .3) (Bitch) Boxer
By KaCees Hear Me Roar out of Ch Timber Creek Polly Piper.
(12 days)
SMK A NEW BEGINING (.65 s.3) (Bitch) Boxer
SMK SUNDAY SILENCE (.65 fe.3) (Bitch) Boxer
By Ch Timber Creek Walk The Line out of Ch Timber Creek Good Golly Molly.
(12 days)
SMK ONE LAST TIME (.65 s.3) (Dog) Boxer

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Signed Up: 5/5/2018
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Last Visit: 5/20/2018
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PS Puppys Britney
Due 5/21/2018 to Timber Creek American Pride