QF Dakpta (Show girl lemon whit) Basset Hound
BKH Red Velvet (-94.95) Chihuahua
Disneys chocolate chip (House girl chocolate) Chihuahua
Disneys Custard Tart (House girl cream) Chihuahua
Disneys fruit scone (House girl back tan) Chihuahua
Disneys banoffee (Show girl black tan) Chinese Crested Dog
Noelas Maya Calakmul (Show girl choc sable) Chinese Crested Dog
TipToes Peach Pud (Show girl golden) Saluki

Disneys Hot Chocolate (House stud choc) Chihuahua
Disneys Skyfall (Show boy black silve) Saluki

By Ch LimeTree at Monarch out of QF Dakpta.
(0 days)
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Basset Hound
Disneys lemon curd (Dog) Basset Hound
Disneys lemon sherbet (Bitch) Basset Hound
Disneys lemon drop (Bitch) Basset Hound
Disneys lemon tart (Bitch) Basset Hound
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Basset Hound
By Ch Gaylanns Ibn Al Dabir (17) out of TipToes Peach Pud.
(1 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Saluki
By Abanazar out of TipToes Treacle Tart.
(2 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Saluki
By Ch Amazing Angels Atta Boy out of Disneys chocolate chip.
(2 days)
Disneys beachwalk (House stud blue tan) (Dog) Chihuahua
Disneys beachtime (House girl blue tan) (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Ch Razzy Snow Cone Craze out of Disneys Custard Tart.
(3 days)
Disneys sandy toes (House girl fawn) (Bitch) Chihuahua
Disneys Red ridinghood (House girl red) (Bitch) Chihuahua
Disneys Tritan (House stud blue) (Dog) Chihuahua
Disneys firefly (House stud red) (Dog) Chihuahua
By BSG Whispering Spirit out of BSG Miss Manners.
(4 days)
Disneys salt and pepper (Bitch) Bulldog
By afterfire Say It out of afterfire Out Of My Head.
(5 days)
Disneys burnt peanut (Dog) Chihuahua
By Peregrins Olev out of Peregrins FGF 16035156.
(12 days)
Disneys Grizabella (Show girl fawn grizz) (Bitch) Saluki

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Disneys fruit scone
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BKH Red Velvet
Due 1/24/2018 to Razzy Snow Cone Craze