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Amethyst Drunk On A Plane (13.4FQ 5T) Dachshund
Amethyst I Drink To Remember (Cr BR 50.85) Dachshund
Amethyst Keep It Simple (Ch&Cr 90.25) Dachshund
Amethyst My Final Rose (Blk&T 90.9) Dachshund
Amethyst One More Drink (12.2FQ 4.4T 61.9) Dachshund
Amethyst South Of The Border (Blk&T SH 90.50) Dachshund
New Puppy #2 Dachshund
Silhouette Blueberry Cream (90.2/20blucrm SH) Dachshund
Silhouette Border Angel (91.15/20 WB SH) Dachshund
Silhouette Brindle In Cream (66.55/20crmL (brndl)) Dachshund
Silhouette Keep It Together (90.8/20bt SH) Dachshund
Silhouette Simply Pretty (91.05/20 bt SH) Dachshund

Silhouette Final Fire (90.6/20BT LH) Dachshund
Silhouette Hidden Brindle (65.9/19blkcrm (brndl) Dachshund
Silhouette Red Flame (90.5/20 rdsbl LH) Dachshund
Silhouette Simple Man (90.5/20BT SH) Dachshund

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Prestige: 32.2 (#540)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 12/1/2003
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 8/1/2014
Community Rank: 279th

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Amethyst Keep It Simple
Due 8/5/2014 to Silhouette Red Flame