Welcome to Silivren. The word "silivren" is Sindarin (an Elvish Language) meaning white. I've always wanted to get involved with Samoyeds, but could never find any for sale. I was lucky enough to find a few kennels that were going out of business and I purchased some breeding stock from them. Noveria had been working on breeding the Biscuit color up to show quality standards so I decided to help finish her project. I'm proud to say that I am one or 2 generations from completing it. I plan to start working on bringing the white color up to show quality next.

We could really use some new breeders to help out. We have a few very dedicated people in the breed already. If you're interested in Samoyeds, please send me a message. I'd love to be able to help out.

Silivren Cold Hearted
Silivren Cold Melody
Silivren Cruel Summer

Color Studs $25
Show Quality Studs $50
Titled Studs $100

I'll accept all offers on puppies bred for color. My show quality pups go for $100 each. I may also have show quality brood bitches for sale/lease. Send me a message if you're interested.

Reina for providing the headers on my page
WishMaker for the beautiful banner
Breslin, Noveria, and Aislin for helping me to get started in this beautiful breed

CH Silivren Cold Hearted (Bella 27) Samoyed
GCH CH Silivren Cruel Summer (Bay 27) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Poppins (Poppy 116) Samoyed
Silivren Apple Cider (Blair 114 20) Samoyed
Silivren Bai (C 1) Samoyed
Silivren Bayou (4) Samoyed
Silivren Cadence (-97.20!) Samoyed
Silivren Lucky Front (Briana 96.90 12) Samoyed
Silivren Lucky Strike (116 16) Samoyed

Silivren Balin (CchCe SSw 4) Samoyed
Silivren Heavens Door (Caden 116 15) Samoyed
Silivren Stairway To Heaven (Bradan 115 16) Samoyed
Taymyr Im a Dandy (9.8 9.9 27) Samoyed

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