Somerset Kennels

CH Gaylann Somerset Collaboration (93.85) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Somerset DaringToDream (94.60) Pharaoh Hound
New Puppy #6 English Setter
RossWood HeiHei (97.80) English Setter
Somerset Dragon Glass (97.65) English Setter
Somerset Fabrication (91.60) Miniature Poodle
Somerset Imagination (91.65) Miniature Poodle
Sussurro Wild Imagination (91.70) Miniature Poodle
Gaylanns Kapes (18) (Head 9.6) Pharaoh Hound
Gaylanns Somerset Nefertiti (94.35) Pharaoh Hound
New Puppy #6 (94.30) Pharaoh Hound
Somerset Dream Maker (94.25) Pharaoh Hound
Somerset Heart Of Glass (94.10) Pharaoh Hound

CH Sussurro Spectrum (91.05) Miniature Poodle
CH Somerset Heart Of The Sea (94.40) Pharaoh Hound
CH Somerset HoldingADream (94.10) Pharaoh Hound
New Puppy #1 English Setter
New Puppy #3 English Setter
New Puppy #5 English Setter
Somerset Bennett (30.30) Miniature Poodle
Somerset Wild Discovery (90.70) Miniature Poodle
Somerset Dream Come True (94.50) Pharaoh Hound
Somerset Lucid Dreams (94.75) Pharaoh Hound

By Ch Elven Halls Boy Wonder out of Sussurro Wild Imagination.
(3 days)
Somerset Meant To Be (92.30) (Bitch) Miniature Poodle
Somerset Meant For You (92.70) (Bitch) Miniature Poodle
By Ch Gaylanns Sneferu (18) out of Gaylanns Kapes (18).
(6 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
By Ch EH Silver Star out of Somerset Bethany.
(9 days)
Somerset Caitlyn (Bitch) Miniature Poodle
By Ch EH Contender out of Somerset Brianna.
(9 days)
Somerset Colby (Dog) Miniature Poodle
By Ch Sussurro Spectrum out of Somerset Bryerleigh.
(9 days)
Somerset Caydance (Bitch) Miniature Poodle
By Ch RossWood Happy Dance out of TriStar What Is Love.
(12 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) English Setter

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Prestige: 57.9 (#278)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 5/5/2017
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 9/20/2018
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