Afghan Hounds of Tarot

Ch. Tarot Lone Wolf
Ch. Tarot Shred the Gnar
Ch. Tarot Rock On!
Ch. Tarot Blurred Justice
Ch. Tarot Twilight Time (Group I x 2)
Ch. Tarot One Twilight Away
Ch. Tarot Earths Last Eden
Ch. Tarot First Memory
Ch. Tarot Signs of Twilight
Ch. Tarot Bright White Light
Ch. Tarot Life's A Dance
Ch. Tarot Gaussian Blur
Ch. Tarot Any Given Sunday
Ch. Tarot Monday Monday
Ch. Tarot Ruby Tuesday
Ch. Tarot Meltdown
Ch. Tarot Sense of Danger
Ch. Tarot If You Must
Ch. Tarot Orange Crush
Ch. Tarot Time Warp
Ch. Tarot Second Life
Ch. Tarot Sounder
Ch. Tarot Maelstrom
Ch. Tarot One Second Away
Ch. Tarot Footloose
Ch. Tarot Reality Blurred
Ch. Tarot At First Sight
Ch. Tarot Just Blurry
Ch. Tarot Cool Whip
Ch. Tarot Strawberry Cream
Ch. Tarot Magic Monday
Ch. Tarot King of Diamonds
Ch. Tarot King of Stars
Ch. Tarot King of Hearts
Ch. Tarot Raspberry Cream
Ch. Tarot Gypsy Gold
Ch. Tarot A Touch of Rain
Ch. Tarot Spring Forward
Ch. Tarot It's The Real Thing
Ch. Tarot Tiger Paw
Ch. Tarot Dominica
Ch. Tarot Ice Cream Brindle
Ch. Tarot Secret Admirer
Ch. Tarot King of the Gypsies
Ch. Tarot Wednesday Adams
Ch. Tarot Now Voyager
Ch. Tarot Diamond Rio
Ch. Tarot Gypsy Caravan
Ch. Tarot Rio Tigre
Ch. Tarot Peanut Butter
Ch. Tarot American Tiger
Ch. Tarot Red Embers
Ch. Tarot Brilliant Pebble
Ch. Tarot Cool Runnings
Ch. Tarot Firing Line
Ch. Tarot Firedance
Ch. Tarot Simply Cream
Ch. Tarot Domino Tears
Ch. Tarot Fire and Rain
Ch. Tarot Tiger on Fire
Ch. Tarot Endless Embers
Ch. Tarot White Lies
Ch. Tarot White Wedding
Ch. Tarot White Ruffles
Ch. Tarot White Night
Ch. Tarot Tiger Tiger
Ch. Tarot Burning Love
Ch. Manxville Glasshouse Tarot
Ch. Tarot Life Is A Highway
Ch. Tarot Silvertooth
Ch. Tarot High on Believing
Ch. Tarot Hook Line and Sinker
Ch. Tarot Cold Hard Truth
Ch. Tarot Dragons Revenge
Ch. Tarot Silversmith
Ch. Dragon's Blood
Ch. Tarot Glitter Romance
Ch. Tarot Just Missed
Ch. Tarot Silver Dollar
Ch. Tarot Alexander the Great
Ch. Tarot Falling Skies
Ch. Tarot Cut to the Chase
Ch. Tarot Sterling Silver
Ch. Tarot Two If By Sea
Ch. Tarot Vampire Seeker

Owned by Tarot
Ch. Ixion Lone Hunter, NSBISs, SBISs, GRP 1, 4th in Show
Ch. Ixion Bounce On
Ch. Ixion Danger to Me
Ch. Ixion Love of Honey
Ch. Ixion It's Kharma
Ch. Ixion Straight Arrow
multiple group placings, 3rd in Show, and BISS
Ch. TPK Twilight Glow
Ch. Ixion First Expression
Ch. Isra Total War

(Photo courtey of Hounds of Tarot)

GCH CH Tarot Dragon`s Blood (96.80 (5.9/3.1) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Tarot Falling Skies (2.6 GT/T) Afghan Hound
CH Tarot Silver Dollar (3.1 HN) Afghan Hound
Tarot Alexandra (97.0 3.4 gt ct sz) Afghan Hound
Tarot Black and Blue (x blk mgc 3.7) Afghan Hound
Tarot Cheap Shot (96.75 3.2 fo sz) Afghan Hound
Tarot Cheap Silver (-96.80 (3.2 Tfo hn) Afghan Hound
Tarot Cold Spell (breed x1) Afghan Hound
Tarot Emily Thorne (5.8/3.0 GT/T) Afghan Hound
Tarot Hunting Revenge (96.80 (5.8/3.4 GT) Afghan Hound
Tarot Mirror Image (6.0/3.1 TNB) Afghan Hound
Tarot White Gold (3.1 fo ft) Afghan Hound

GCH CH Tarot Alexander the Great (3.3 CT) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Tarot Cut to the Chase (/3.3 GT) Afghan Hound
CH Tarot Just Missed (3.3 FT) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Tarot Silversmith (3.4 HN) Afghan Hound
CH Tarot Two if by Sea (3.5 SZ) Afghan Hound
CH Tarot Vampire Seeker (2.8 T/GT ) Afghan Hound
Tarot Black Magic (-96.65 3.4 T) Afghan Hound
Tarot Broken Mirror (3.0 gt/t) Afghan Hound
Tarot Orion The Hunter (3.3 SZ) Afghan Hound
Tarot Popeye the Sailer Man Afghan Hound
Tarot Slipknot (-96.50 (6.2/3.2 GT) Afghan Hound
Tarot Spilled Milk (96.70 HN (5.8/3.1) Afghan Hound
Tarot Tar Sands (-96.65 T) Afghan Hound

By Tarot Treasure Hunter out of Ch Elan Khen Worth The Wait.
(5 days)
Tarot Hunter Pence (2.9 T) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Tarot Tar Sands out of Tarot Cheap Silver.
(10 days)
New Puppy #6 (-96.75) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #2 (-96.85) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Tarot Black Magic out of Tarot Hunting Revenge.
(11 days)
New Puppy #8 (96.95 CT) (Dog) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #5 (96.60 $) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #2 (96.60 ct 9.4 ft 9.3) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Tarot Cut to the Chase out of Tarot Black and Blue.
(11 days)
New Puppy #5 (96.70 $) (Dog) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #4 (96.60 $) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch Tarot Dragons Revenge out of Ch Tarot Dragon`s Blood.
(13 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Tarot Spilled Milk out of Tarot Emily Thorne.
(13 days)
Tarot Milk Thistle (Bitch) Afghan Hound

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 85.6 (#14)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 2/14/2008
Account Level: Family
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Upcomming Litters
Tarot White Gold
Due 8/6/2014 to Tarot Cut to the Chase